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So much left to do!

In the last post I mentioned I was going to spend this week’s sales earnings on a fancy dress for a fancy party… it’s a good thing I made so much because the only dress I really liked cost more than I wanted to spend. 308 more words


Money is good, but holy crap my hands are starting to hurt.

I decided that whatever money I make in sales by Thursday I’m going to spend on a dress for the very fancy party I’m going to on Friday. 260 more words


Wow, I'm overdue for an update.

Things have been kind of busy lately in terms of custom orders, so I haven’t been getting through my list. That plus so many things selling since my last post (yay!) and so many ideas for more stuff I want to do (more yay!) and it’s getting longer instead of shorter. 319 more words



I finally did the Luna hat! You’ll notice that it’s now at the top of the list, because the list has gotten so long that I’ve decided to start removing the oldest items. 362 more words


Lots of sales!

Need to add a bunch more stuff to the to-make list since it sold!


Happy Small Business Saturday!

My toothache from earlier this week turned into a grotesquely swollen, but strangely pain-free, face yesterday. Of course, neither my doctor nor dentist’s offices were open the day after Thanksgiving and I ended up at the urgent care clinic. 278 more words


Happy Thanksgiving and stuff!

I have a fucking toothache on Foodsgiving. I also have a few vicodin from a previous dental thing so I’ll probably take some of that so I can chew. 149 more words