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More things in the shop!

Added another listing for a couple of those scarves, and then made up one of these for the first time in a really long time.


The DIY Aglers take their first steps.

Maybe it was Pinterest. Maybe it was my crafty nature taking a new form. Maybe we were just trying to save money. Whatever the reason, Tom and I are on an “If we can make it at home, LET’S DO IT!” kick. 831 more words


I'm really good at shopping. Or bad. One of those.

According to the timestamps on my texts and the receipt I was in the fabric store from 3:02 – 3:38 pm. (Including the time it took at the cutting and checkout counters.) 60 more words

Makin' Stuff


I’ve been trying to make stuff all day but it’s not turning out right. This is why I usually stick to the same hats all the time. 33 more words

Makin' Stuff

Hooray for boobies!

Today I made a boob hat for a friend to give as a baby shower gift. Since I think public breastfeeding is A-OK and should happen more to desensitize those who find it upsetting (I once heard a woman call breast feeding “unnatural” and I don’t even… I just can’t… ugh)I found this fun but aggravating because I hate making round hats. 64 more words

Makin' Stuff


I managed to make 2 scarves today, yay me!

On the other hand… well, on the right hand, my fucking hand hurts. The right one. Wrist, too. 47 more words

Makin' Stuff

So far this weekend...

I’ve made 5 ruffled scarves, 2 infinity cowls, and 3 kitty hats. New yarn totally does that for me.

Makin' Stuff