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Illustration Friday: Green Stone Skull... thing

The theme in today’s Illustration Friday newsletter was “skull”  I was restless and moody so I said. “Okay.”

In the process of painting this I broke Sketchbook Pro so I am just leaving it as is. 31 more words

Making Art

Coming Soon: Whole Foods Market Mural!

One of our first projects for the 2014-15 school year will be designing, creating and installing a mural at our neighborhood Whole Foods Market.

Initial planning has begun, and the groundwork is underway. 28 more words


Peachy Keen!

Maybe I shouldn’t have given you a hint. This is my still life of a bowl with peaches in it.  Hydra guessed it was a pomegranate when I brought it home.  182 more words


Thoughts: An Artist's Audience

Artists create works to stir a response out of the viewer, whether they create art for the audience or for themselves. Yet how can an artist truly predict how an audience will react to one’s art? 811 more words


In Between The Day and The Night

I like being awake while everyone else is still sleeping. I like the peace and the sliver of excitement that hides in the silence and dark room illuminated only by the indigo hue of night/morning or somewhere there between. 375 more words



Piper, my cat, is sleeping so hard she’s making little sounds. I want to pick her up and hug her but I won’t disturb her late afternoon slumber. 371 more words



Part of the process of starting to make art again after a long absence is, for me, to look at earlier pieces and to go through notes and drawings. 445 more words