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The Secret Thoughts of Cats and Birds

Two days this week I have had the unmistakably strong feeling that something big BIG was going to happen and I’m sure it did although I’m not exactly clear about the something yet…yet. 370 more words


Tomato Plants Under The Dome, Making Art, and What Season Is This Anyway?

Oh my gosh, this weather is totally bipolar!! One day it’s so hot we have to run the ac to knock the heat out before bedtime and the next day there’s big winds, torrential rains and freezing temps! 499 more words


Nice Hobby

When you choose art as your profession, a wide range of responses will come plummeting forth from Those On High who Know What They’re Talking About. 661 more words


Rainy Mornings, Gardens and Finding Peace

Do you hear it? The drip drip dripping of rain falling off the corner of the house and making puddles that soon birds will be splashing around in. 709 more words


Bumble Bees, Mandalas and Seeds!

No yard sales for me today. Sky had insomnia last night and is sleeping in today and I couldn’t leave him alone sleeping in the house so I stayed home too. 337 more words


Making mistakes, glorious and otherwise

Let’s start this with one of my favourite Neil Gaiman quotes. If you find you’re getting sick of my talking about him, please unfollow me, I’m not sure why you’re here to begin with. 508 more words

The Daily Work of Making

If you are alive, you’ve probably heard the trope of the scatterbrained artist. Disorganized, messy, erratic, or, to soften the blow, “quirky.” Clothes on the floor, half-finished watercolor paintings on the table or desk, a considerable lack of time and financial management (closely tied with the “starving artist” stereotype). 633 more words