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Save the Earth

I’ve been doing a lot of worrying lately. Mostly about the state of the world and our environment. You know, nothing big. And as I’ve thought about it more, I’m pretty sure I’ve been worrying about it in one form or another for the past….23 years? 419 more words

"Don't try to change the world, let the world change you."

I first encountered this song in college. I saw Power Struggle live at UC Berkeley’s Multicultural Community Center and I immediately liked their music. I bought their album, … 250 more words


Basketball - Which Final Four, and does it matter?

The 2014 March Madness for college basketball has now passed, and now all that is left is the Final Four events for both women and men!   738 more words

Social Issues

Taking back control by letting go of Facebook.

On Valentines Day this year I deactivated my Facebook account. I gave myself the gift of self-love and more significantly the gift of more time. I started to notice that every moment I was free or bored I would pick up my iPhone and read the stream of uninteresting and usually unrealistic posts from my hundreds of friends with whom I don’t see, talk or spend any time with. 903 more words

Women working for peace in Ukraine

Today I received a message from Maureen Flaherty for the Peace and Power blog.  Maureen used Peace and Power in her work with women from the east and from the west  in Ukraine who joined together to share their visions of peace for their country.   74 more words

Social Issues

Women working for peace in Ukraine

A few years ago I had the pleasure of serving as an outside advisor for Maureen Flaherty’s dissertation.  Her dissertation titled “Narrating the past to vision the future: Constructing civil society with women in Ukraine” was completed at the University of Manitoba in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies. 562 more words

Making Change

Day 365 - Ending The Experiment, Starting the Journey

Today ends one year of a valid attempt to make changes in my life before I hit the big 5-0 mile marker.  For those of you following this adventure, you know that I wanted to be more active, lose weight, and find a healthier emotional center.  321 more words

Finding Purpose