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Web of Life Connections

Last week I was asked a question about the cards I worked with to find the teacher/connection for these posts. I was asked if I used images cut from magazines. 376 more words


Web of Life Connections - Red

I love how drawing one of the cards that I made for inspiration when writing Web of Life can so often bring me exactly what I need and that the messages I get resonate with others too. 149 more words

Self Development

Web of Life Connections - Drumming

Drumming is is one of my favourite teachers and has a firm place within my own Web of Life as a connection. It is a teacher that I really enjoy connecting and spending time with, so sitting and listening to its message today is a real pleasure for me. 113 more words

Web Of Life

Word Power and Responsibility

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

I have always hated this saying because it is a lie. Words leave more lasting wounds than sticks and stones.

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Is it silly as a grown woman to long for a best friend?

I totally woke up today thinking out how I missed having a best friend to talk to everyday, or on a regular basis. I had a series of best friends at different stages of my life like most of us have. 1,115 more words

Life Experiences

Web of Life Connection - Growth

The card I drew for today for everyone was that of Growth. A good connection or teacher to have at the beginning of a new year perhaps. 95 more words


Recent Designs

This winter break has been so productive for me in the realm of graphic design. I finished projects, gave up on projects, and have A LOT of projects in the making. 209 more words

Graphic Design