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in need of a patch of blue
the blue picket fence will do



By Allen Dale Olson

“Ole” Olson calls New Mexico home, although he spent his childhood in Indiana and much of his working years overseas.    

While the current incursion of Russian troops into the Ukraine may not actually signal another world war in Europe, it does cause this old Veteran to recall his life during the second of those Great Wars to End All Wars. 882 more words

The War

NaPoWriMo Guest Dane Kuttler 14/30 Passover, Night 1: and with not those who show up, then with whom?

Passover, Night 1: and with not those who show up, then with whom?

oh and what i didn’t tell you about tonight’s improvised seder,
how i pulled together the ritual foods from the cupboards: … 134 more words

A Test of a Pinterest DIY Cleaner

So bathtub cleaner is expensive. Cleaners in general are expensive. This is not news to anyone I’m sure, and it certainly wasn’t news to me. But with my financial situation set to become what it will at the end of this semester* it has gradually become more and more soul sucking to have to purchase these kinds of products. 875 more words

Making Do

Leftover Chili and No-Milk Cornbread

I didn’t plan to post about Tuesday’s supper, because it was leftover chili from the freezer and cornbread, which I’ve written about before.
BUT, when I opened the refrigerator to get the milk to make cornbread, I noticed that there wasn’t any. 63 more words

Making do.

I wrote this on May 8, 1989.  It makes me laugh.  If I wrote a poem about “making do” now, it would look nothing like this.  137 more words


Life and Love in Uganda

After Joseph and I were married we moved into his apartment. There is really no way to describe those first few days of marriage. The strangeness of someones else’s home suddenly becoming your own. 1,090 more words