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Create Your Own Job, The Sharing Economy

Leaving the corporate world during my pregnancy was one of the scarier times in my life. Staring down a future with nowhere to live, no job and no health insurance, I had to use all my energy and hustle to find a solution. 481 more words

Making Do

Repurposed Patio

My husband just installed a “new” front walk. We needed a surface that we could clear completely of snow of and ice because his mother now lives with us, and we can’t have her climbing our icy lower steps this winter. 640 more words


Maximizing Daily Deal Sites to Forget Financial Stress (For the Night at Least)

Even though our budget is very small I enjoy finding ways our family can go out to eat or do fun activities together. In this post I focus on using Groupon or Living Social to maximize your entertainment dollars, as these are the ones I’ve personally used. 221 more words

Saving Money

Making the Best of Motel Living

A little over a year ago my family and I had a brief stint of motel living before finding our current apartment. Moving to a motel for the first time can be scary and demoralizing. 601 more words

Saving Money

Just make do. Oh, and be creative!

Every time I live abroad I have this moment when I say to myself “how in the world can I do/make X without X” or “I really wish I could do this here.” I remember being in France and using pots to store my fruit on the shelf above the microwave because there wasn’t enough space in the shared cupboard and our house had very few bowls. 719 more words



I have a bit of a motto that you never pass up on a lovely piece of lace! You just never know what you may use it for! 70 more words