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"I'll Turn The Corner"

This is a letter I wrote in Yeshiva to my future self:

I know it will happen. That one day I’ll look back at where I am now and I’ll remember…I’ll remember the long second sedurim that dragged with no end, the first sedurim where days of רשב”א ended in confusion, where ‘can’t go to sleep yet’ nights and ‘can’t get enough sleep’ days were the norm, upset that my real friends were far away, looking around the BM and being frustrated that I didn’t really want to learn with anyone here, trying to sing zmiros with tone deaf neighbors, when during  שמחת תורה I wondered why they danced and on פורים why they were so happy.

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wounded and bound

I wake up these days to noisy Brooklyn mornings: The man across the street sorting aluminum cans. The bus wheezing to a stop. Conversations about lost phones and general misunderstandings. 802 more words

Planning and dream building

Last night I re-discovered a folder on my computer that I’d created whilst I spent the weekend away last year. In it I’d created three documents: 294 more words


Throw Back Thursday-My First Publication

This week was the release of a FREE short story of mine.  In case you missed it, you can go here.

What are your dreams and have you been chasing them for years?  203 more words

Knowing Where To Start

Words of wisdom

And finally just because it made me chuckle!

Posted from my heart to hopefully help yours



I’ve got this taped to the inside cover of my diary

Posted from my heart to hopefully help yours

Moving On

Happy anniversary!

I’ve just received a notification saying

‘Happy anniversary – you’ve been blogging for a year’

A whole year of blogging! Blimey. So much has happened during that year. 435 more words