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life in the middle

The heaters came on in the apartment today. I slipped out of bed and into Friday basics: black pants, denim shirt, massive scarf. It’s almost time for boots and gloves. 402 more words

Life Lately

Before I Go to Bed

there’s no way

there’s no way around
hunger, if you want
to make it big.

there’s no way around
the sinking feeling
that you’ll NEVER… 106 more words


A day of joy and day of sorrow and pain

Today I achieved something I’ve been working towards since for 7 years.

Today I officially became a Reiki Master.

Yay :-D

The day was incredibly emotional as this was the dream of my Uncle who passed away 6 months ago. 135 more words

The Pain That Never Goes

Confidence and faith in ourselves. You can make it.

Sit with me. Or don’t, as this post might make you actually TAKE ACTION.  Anything you want to, you can get, just like that. It’s about you. 406 more words

PERSONAL BLOG: How To Find Out What You Are Worth To A Client

With today’s addition… this year, 15 different clients have turned me down cause my price was too high (oh i keep count).

But i still play once-a-week somewhere tho… 447 more words


The power of word

I’ve recently been introduced to ‘The Power of Word’

Wow! All I can say is that it is had a profound effect on me, and stopped me in my tracks. 663 more words

Moving On

Just for today

Just for today,
I will give thanks for my many blessing

Just for today,
I will not worry

Just for today,
I will not be angry… 29 more words

Moving On