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I'm a writer. So, I write.

The last days have been a bit like a roller coaster ride – with ups and downs. Lots of questions, a few answers and some valuable nuggets of wisdom & enlightenment. 362 more words

Life In Happy Motion

How I feel / felt

This post has been in my drafts for a while and I’ve been adding to it and finally feel ready to hit publish.

This is a not exclusive or definitive list of how infidelity has touched my every fibre. 283 more words

The Pain That Never Goes

4th July

Wishing all my truly remarkable, strong, determined, beautiful American friends on here a happy 4th July!

Hope you guys have a fabulous day making new memories and therefore pushing some old shitty memories out… 35 more words

Moving On

it's hard not to get discouraged

It’s hard not to get discouraged when everyone around you seems to be getting a break (well deserved, of course, which makes it harder still) but you still have to make your own breaks. 123 more words


The LK Theory and Proving Yourself

Starting a new job is ALWAYS hard. Always. Even if you feel like you can eventually nail it, there’s a learning curve there; new systems, new bosses, new personalities to mesh with. 680 more words


Well, well, well …. that was an unexpected break. Sorr-rry. Keith is now officially home for the summer, which allows me to work semi-normal hours again, but those hours fill up so quickly. 394 more words


Worth It

You’re the one with all the drive and ambition
I’m the one who watches too much television

I wrote those lyrics because I often feel that I’m not motivated enough. 269 more words