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Some Things are More Important than Money

The young man below made $15 million before he was 30 years old on a start-up tech idea. However, as he was to learn, not only does money not cure many of the painful problems of being human, but it also adds a few extra problems.  212 more words

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Internet Superquadrillionaire: Make all the money always

There is a world under the one we see every day. It hides in the badlands beyond the happy world of advertising with shiny physical products, happy music, and charming salespeople. 4,938 more words

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How to make money with Mechanical Turk without being scammed

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Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a neat thing. The idea behind it is to bridge the gap between where automation is and where people would like for it to be. 430 more words

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Learn from my experience with AdWords

Like anyone else with a blog, I signed up for Google Analytics at some point. And like everyone else who signs up for it, I got a free $100 advertising credit coupon. 607 more words

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Adventures in ClickBank: This is why no one likes affiliate marketers

An affiliate network is a thing where you promote something someone else made and get paid a commission. Clickbank is a very old affiliate network. It’s… 426 more words

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Is Swagbucks legit? Technically yes, but...

I signed up to SwagBucks about a year ago and never gave it much of a look afterward. The payouts seemed so poor, and so many of the higher pay options required that you pay… 461 more words

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5 Easy Ways To Make Cash♦

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to give you 5 Easy Ways to Make Money. I myself am currently broke (don’t think of this as a big deal, I am only 13 haha) but I like to shop and be able to go places and buy things, so I thought up some easy ways to get cash. 433 more words