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How To Be Happy

This is probably the most over-asked question on the planet. So I think it’s about time that it gets an honest answer.

I want you to think. 515 more words

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Benefits of renting items rather than buying: 5) Electronics & Gadgets

Electronics & Gadgets:

Curious about the new iPad, game system, camera or other up-and-coming piece of technology but unsure in making the expensive commitment of a purchase? 106 more words

Benefits Of Renting

Making money with which they will play a game

a way to get rich without doing any work at all. 

The trick is to find a group of people interacting in which each person‘s happiness depends partly on what others do. 72 more words

Begin your story!

My daughter is a writer. She write romance novels as well as fantasy/sci-fi under a couple of different pen names and has 3 publishers who regularly send her checks. 174 more words

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Knowing What Is Truly Important

Everything you do doesn’t need to be a circus. You don’t always need attention, and you don’t always have to be right. People will oftentimes mistake the loudest voice in the room for the most intelligent, which is a… 258 more words

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Approach Anxiety and Success

Imagine you’re in jungle, or a forest and it’s the last ice age. And you turn around, and there’s a huge saber-toothed tiger behind you. Now, this is a perfect example of when it’s… 874 more words

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Lottery Investment Strategy

                                              Before you read this article, let me make one thing clear:

You are never guaranteed to gain a return on any of your investments, and I’m not saying this is another get-rich-quick scheme. 846 more words

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