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Why It's So Hard to Make New Friends

This article originally appeared on Refinery 29.

So, you’re an adult now (even if you don’t always feel like one). Maybe you eat popcorn and fro-yo for dinner on the regular, but you’ve also learned — we hope — how to keep both your plant… 1,349 more words

Is it possible to make 100 new friends in just 365 days?

Hi there, fellow human. Chances are I’ll be running into you some time soon. You see, I’ve decided to put myself on a very special and exciting mission, that sounds simple when you think about it, but will undoubtedly pose great challenges for me along the way. 349 more words

Making New Friends

Studying Abroad Really Changes People

“Studying Abroad Really Changes People”

by Wyatt Bazrod via “Technique

“When Delta flight 9 landed in Atlanta, it was a short taxi before we were parked at the international terminal and my study abroad for the summer in Oxford officially ended. 361 more words

Study Abroad

Smiles to a stranger

Today I met a lovely woman.

Joe and I have been very busy getting rid of some scrap metal, and cleaning out some unwanted things from the apartment. 340 more words


The Blind Date

There are few things that I love more than hiking.  A stimulating conversation with a friend where everything around us ceases to appear.  A compelling movie that provokes existential questions.  1,421 more words


Making new friends

One of the goals of our year-long trip is to get to know people around the world and hear their stories. Turns out that Cappadocia was a great place in that regard. 951 more words

World Trip

Making New Friends

Have you ever met someone and felt an immediate “like” connection — that insta-click? Maybe you have experienced a sense of understanding and mutual appreciation with someone, bordering on the familiar, as if you known each other all your lives despite only just meeting. 707 more words

Friendship And Transition