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A Very Bavarian Wedding (Marcel and Nicola)

So this weekend was the much anticipated wedding of my good friends’ (who I met through Thorsten).  Nicola and Marcel had a whirlwind romance that made my heart squee when I heard the story. 1,059 more words


Reminders of Home

I’m always startled into nostalgia when I come upon fireweed growing in Missoula. It’s such an Alaskan connection, my favorite wildflower and a vivid reminder of the decades I spent making the Last Frontier my home. 64 more words


Why It's So Hard to Make New Friends

This article originally appeared on Refinery 29.

So, you’re an adult now (even if you don’t always feel like one). Maybe you eat popcorn and fro-yo for dinner on the regular, but you’ve also learned — we hope — how to keep both your plant… 1,349 more words

Studying Abroad Really Changes People

“Studying Abroad Really Changes People”

by Wyatt Bazrod via “Technique

“When Delta flight 9 landed in Atlanta, it was a short taxi before we were parked at the international terminal and my study abroad for the summer in Oxford officially ended. 361 more words

Study Abroad

Smiles to a stranger

Today I met a lovely woman.

Joe and I have been very busy getting rid of some scrap metal, and cleaning out some unwanted things from the apartment. 340 more words


The Blind Date

There are few things that I love more than hiking.  A stimulating conversation with a friend where everything around us ceases to appear.  A compelling movie that provokes existential questions.  1,421 more words