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Saying goodbye to our very first friends...

Yesterday was a special day.  We had surprise guests come through town, we got to see my nieces, and most importantly, we got to visit with our friends one last time before they move. 334 more words

Body Language Secrets You Should Know

Evеn whеn уоu don’t ѕау a word, оthеr people саn ѕtill learn a lot аbоut whаt kind оf person уоu аrе аnd whаt уоu аrе thinking аnd feeling. 1,058 more words

Walking Lonely.

I will be going to college in August and nothing is more afraid than going to college alone. I’ve done some research on how to survive college alone and found out that many people (especially those out-of-state) are experiencing this similar problem too. 61 more words

Fairly Certain They Just Might Change the World

Confession: I have the best teaching quad and Org. Member Advisor (OMA).

Between the four of us, we (attempt to) teach 18 high school students Algebra I. 375 more words

Young Adult

I Know I’m Slow When…

A flotilla of butterflies passes me going uphill;

The four-mile-per-hour breeze behind me chills my back;

That cheeky ground squirrel 20 feet ahead of me ambles across the road. 308 more words

Bike Touring

Not Meant To Be...

Yesterday afternoon at work we were all discussing our weekend plans. Lydia would run, Mike would bike–no surprises there! My usual partners in crime are all out of town, so I was at loose ends until a casual Googlemaps search for something else entirely turned up a great campground and a very cool rail trail in Great Falls. 506 more words

Bike Touring

Making New Friends - 10 Steps To Making New Friends

No matter what stage of life you are in, it is not always easy to make new friends. While in school , college or university , making friends is relatively easy, even for shy people , because people of the same age , with similar interests , in the same place . 913 more words

10 Steps