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September 30

Most mornings during the week, I go to a coffeeshop that’s just around the corner from the office, to have breakfast and read a book before work. 523 more words


The Kiss

The Kiss. Several minutes passed as I stood in its beauty, the warmth of the gold, the enveloping of his body, the rearranging of certain parts inside of me. 748 more words

Getting Shat on Literally

I first meet Bayley in Tauranga town one weekend. I was catching up with a couple of mates outside a bar on the strand; I hadn’t seen them since school. 942 more words


She wasn’t inside for more than a minute before she launched herself at me and started kissing me.  I gladly reciprocated, grabbing her hips and mashing my crotch into hers to make sure she felt how hard I was.   811 more words

1, 2, Barbecue

I regret to inform you that this post isn’t about cornbread, ribs, or coleslaw.

At the start of my freshman year, I was lucky enough to find an awesome group of guy friends. 802 more words

Are You Kissing The Right Way?

Guess I am still in the Pleasure Your Mate mood. Kissing is absolutely exhilarating! Practicing smooching techniques is equally pleasurable. Sex does not have to be the endgame. 41 more words


“Django” Actress Busted! Race Card Invalid

“Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts claimed she was harassed and hurt by LAPD for making out with her boyfriend in a parked car.  Watts, a black woman whose boyfriend is white, claims race was a factor in the incident. 109 more words