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Allyson's Story - DUI Want A Second Date?

The following is a story that was submitted to the site:

I’m currently dating a guy, Greg, who I met via Tinder (been together eight months), if you can believe it. 511 more words

Happilys Ever After

Taking Two Steps Back (Brad)


The closest we got was making out when I was half drunk and in his car. I’m glad that’s the farthest we ever went. 706 more words



Not sure

what I’m missing

by not kissing

so much


Am I




or too many trips

to the Ladies’

to repair my gloss? 154 more words


The Raver Flu

Raves. How do you describe a rave to someone who has never been to one? I guess the best way to put it is; a crowd of half naked, “happy”, friendly, loud, and touchy people. 579 more words

The Straight Girl

Did Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna Really Make Out At The Playboy Mansion? (DETAILS)

Did they or didn’t they?

In the wake of all the Golden Globes frenzy, rumor has it that Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna had an epic make-out session while attending an awards show pre-party at… 213 more words


Surrender (Sometimes)

this may go against everything that this blog, albeit early in its existence, stands for- but let is serve to show that despite my profanity fueled rants, that i am really a nice mom who is usually open to compromise. 452 more words

Happy Mommy

My Worst Date

2015 may just be beginning, but it has already gifted me the opportunity to tell the world that my current Worst Date Ever has been bumped to the number two slot. 1,198 more words