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Knocking Over Boys

      I have the oddest sense of optimism in people. I’m not an optimistic person in general. I describe myself as a realist, others have described me as a pessimist. 1,924 more words

Poor Pores

Bare chest
A scar across his abdomen
My hand across his abdomen
Grasping his chest.

Sick in bed and
All I can think about are… 142 more words

Day 59: "...some parts are black spots"

With my head in the clouds because I booked my ticket to Hawaii in December.
This day was all about that and nothing else. I could write about the making out session on Waikiki beach last time I was on Hawaii, but some parts are black spots so I’m not sure how to fill those. 56 more words


My First Kiss Went a Little Like...A Messy Cheese Burger

by Mehjabeen Mohammed

If you have had your first kiss

Then you’ll know what I am talking about

If you haven’t had it yet

Then you’ll soon find out… 213 more words


#32: The Doctor

T: What’s your favourite thing to do?

Doggie style.

T: Haha cheeky. Wasn’t expecting that. But yes that is fun. :P

Eventually I gave him my phone number. 772 more words


I took your advice and I talked to Crush and told her how I felt about her. While she was flattered, the feeling was not mutual. 636 more words

First Kiss

Came across this video on tumblr and I thought it was interesting hahaha.

Apparently it has like 78,000,000 over hits so I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt this was interesting heh… 25 more words