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Day 59: "...some parts are black spots"

With my head in the clouds because I booked my ticket to Hawaii in December.
This day was all about that and nothing else. I could write about the making out session on Waikiki beach last time I was on Hawaii, but some parts are black spots so I’m not sure how to fill those. 56 more words


My First Kiss Went a Little Like...A Messy Cheese Burger

by Mehjabeen Mohammed

If you have had your first kiss

Then you’ll know what I am talking about

If you haven’t had it yet

Then you’ll soon find out… 213 more words

#32: The Doctor

T: What’s your favourite thing to do?

Doggie style.

T: Haha cheeky. Wasn’t expecting that. But yes that is fun. :P

Eventually I gave him my phone number. 772 more words


I took your advice and I talked to Crush and told her how I felt about her. While she was flattered, the feeling was not mutual. 624 more words

First Kiss

Came across this video on tumblr and I thought it was interesting hahaha.

Apparently it has like 78,000,000 over hits so I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt this was interesting heh… 25 more words

Freshman year

It’s late and we are in her dorm room watching The Blair Witch 2 because I have never seen it and she wants to show me how ridiculous it is. 436 more words

Sigh, it's better to have loved and lost....or is it?

JB was this scrawny, nerdy, nobody who played sports and was part of the cool kids of his grade. He was younger than me, but he was so adorable. 980 more words