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Still sick? Wtf?!

Something interesting that I’m discovering about being chronically ill is that, well, it doesn’t go away.

finally have a pain management doctor that listens to me, believes in the intensity of my pain, and not only desires to act but actually  979 more words


Looking Back But Moving Forward

It’s amazing what can happen in a year, isn’t it?

The days are just packed. The alarm always goes off too early. The hours go by each morning. 1,100 more words

Personal Development

Getting It Done

Today, we spent a lot of time outside the house. We started the morning off by returning the moving truck. This was promptly followed up by a trip to the exchange for some much needed items for the house. 204 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Baby steps are progress, don't stop until you get where you're going

I must have rewritten my first chapter now about twenty times. Meanwhile, there are quite a few other chapters that are crying, neglected in their cold cot. 233 more words


August 7 Round Up

Today a coworker said I was looking thinner! I brushed it off, saying it was due to the top I was wearing (which is a  468 more words


25 runs in!

Week 7, Run 25

3.03 miles
34 m, 56 s
11:33 minutes/mile

Today is my 25th run, and I am a third the way through my training. 122 more words