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Dumb as a Brick

Last week, I had all these grand plans.

Finish all my editing clients’ first rounds: Done

Write All The WordsKinda . . . . 

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R.C. Murphy

The first 15 days...

The first 15 days of the year are always sort of foggy for everyone…you are half zombie the first week, getting rid of the hangover from new years, dreading about going back to the routine life you were kind of used to just ten days back but now seems completely foreign, feeling all charged up about how you are going to make this year so much different than all the rest of the years in the past, and somewhere inside knowing that that’s not gonna happen. 203 more words

Daily Blogging

Writing is hard

Holy shit.  Writing is hard.

Blogging is easy.

Writing…like real, honest to goodness writing, is super fucking tough.  You know it, I know it, every non-writer and writer out there knows it.   139 more words


I may be speaking too soon... but it looks like a habit is forming!

I have been running on all of my training runs on treadmill mostly because I’m a bit wussy when it comes to running in cold weather.   641 more words

Inertia is my enemy

Before I started this project, and for much of my adult life, I found that inertia can really grab ahold of me. Sitting on my very comfortable couch leads to much more sitting on my very comfortable couch. 170 more words


Marie Forleo on starting out

Today’s wisdom and inspiration comes from Marie Forleo. In a past episode of MarieTV, she talked about a dilemma that I think is SO familiar to every artist: having a vision for what you want to create, but holding off on sharing this creation with others because it’s so far from where you want it to be. 371 more words