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Al-Qur’an Tentang Perang Dan Damai

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Ajaran Islam lain dari ajaran kedua agama itu. Ajarannya ada di antara kedua ajaran itu. Islam tidak mengajarkan agresi seperti halnya ajaran Nabi Musa a.s.. 2,587 more words


Makkah: The Microcosm of The World


To the unknowing as well as the unconcerned, Makkah may be a city in the desert with some historical importance, but what does come to light once we actually visit the city, is the fact that it is the microcosm of the entire world. 939 more words


Ajaran Yudaisme Dan Kristen Mengenai Perang

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Tetapi masalah yang sekarang timbul ialah, apakah dapat dibenarkan berperang untuk agama? Oleh sebab itu marilah kita tinjau masalah ini. 534 more words


The rewards of praying at the 3 Sacred Mosque

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is reported that there are 3 special masjids that we can earn big rewards from. The Prophet  told us about that in the following hadith: 164 more words

Islamic Studies

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Recently, I had a chat with a syaikh about "Shopping During Hajj Trip". He said that normally, he will advice that at Makkah or Madinah, try the best to concentrate on Ibaadah. He suggested that Hujjaj or those who go for umrah should spend their time about two days in Jeddah for shopping. The goods at Jeddah is cheaper because there is a port at Jeddah. Went I re-read this post, I understand why he advice us to concentrate on Ibaadah when we go to Makkah and Madinah.


I have a lousy sense of direction, and that is putting it mildly. My parents relocated to another house while I was in the University and to date, I cannot find my way to the house on my own. 335 more words

Matters Of The Deen

That Voice in Makkah

I have met many Believers when I wasn’t wearing Hijab and practicing Islam. The funny story is they never judged me for being so far from my own Religion. 482 more words


Snapshots from the Holy Cities!

The Majestic Mosque of the Holy Prophet (May Peace be Upon Him)  Madina Munawarra

View of the Majestic Haram from my hotel Room!

Tawaaf (circumambulation) at Kaaba! 32 more words