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Macro Photography : Anthidium strigatum / Kleine Harzbiene II by siegfriedtremel

This is a 4x magnification stack of the bee from the last post.

Stacked from 58 natural light exposures in Zerene Stacker.


Sardines and sewing

This morning at 9:08 we arrived at Makro the main two reasons was the buy fish for my husbands 7 day food plan which he is undertaking and to by in bulk kitchen paper and toilet paper, the more you buy the more you save! 235 more words

Визуализация малого

Старая линза от советского фотоаппарата и новый, но увы треснувший телефон – малый повод для того, что бы присмотреться.  

Визуализация мысли