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Router supervisor strategy in config

Is it possible(and how) to specify supervisor strategy of router in config file? All examples show how to do this in programmatic way. My router is get configured from config file. 55 more words

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So Target recently released its new exclusive hair line called Hair Food (at least i think its exclusive its not available anywhere else I personally shop). 492 more words


Masks04: The Plague Doctor's Mask by mpn

Masks04: The Plague Doctor’s Mask by mpn

ink on heavy watercolour paper

from wikipedia:

The plague doctor’s costume was the clothing worn by a plague doctor┬áto protect him from airborne diseases. 214 more words

Don't start a band.

Verscheen in de SOS-pagina van de Maks!, ter illustratieve begeleiding van de vraag ‘Als ik een band wil opstarten, hoe weet ik dan of die bandnaam al bestaat of niet?’ 14 more words

Accessing members of mixin traits

I have the following code in scala:

trait A {
  val foo: String => Int = { in =>

trait B extends A {
  def bar(a: String) = {

class C(a: String) {
  self: B =>

  val b = bar(a)

val x = new C("34") with B
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