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Malabrigo Quickie: ZigZag Lightning Cowl

Fall is in the air, at least here in Portland. It’s time to start thinking of ways to keep warm!

Short ZigZag Lightning Cowl

Long ZigZag Lightning Cowl… 217 more words


Two Shawls in a Week?

I’m a bit late to the shawl game. I spent a long time making hats, scarves and amigurumis, and only really started making shawls a few months ago. 410 more words


Check out my Stash!

Pssst–c’mere! I got somethin’ to show ya…

So last time, I posted, I got a wonderful suggestion from one of my BFFITW to share what I snagged at The Fold. 458 more words


A Thank You to my Mother in Law - Part 2

So, I promised you all a free pattern. Here we go.

After I finished Saroyan, I had quite a bit of the Malabrigo Rios leftover. I figured, why let it sit in my stash when I can use it up and make a hat for Karen, … 189 more words

handspun central.

I seem to be spending the majority of my ‘free’ time right now on three things: Test knitting, knitting socks for my family, and spinning. If I’m totally honest, the majority of my ‘free’ time is spent spinning. 612 more words


A Thank You to my Mother in Law

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to whine and moan about my mother in law. But, I think I do it more out of the expectation that wives are supposed to feel this way about their husbands’ mothers. 468 more words

in progress.

I have a couple of things I’m excited to share with you but … they aren’t quite ready to share. One of the projects I’ve been working on this week is almost complete – I’m just waiting for some decent weather to photograph Norah and James! 321 more words