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WIP Wednesday | Needlin' & Hookin'

Here’s what I have that I’m working on this week! I’m a little sidetracked tonight because we just signed paperwork and someone is buying our house! 179 more words


{audiopurls} The First Kick at the Can.

Thank you for joining me in trying another blog post format! I’ve been wanting to try an audio post for a while and thought this was a great opportunity to try since I had some projects on the go that didn’t really lend themselves to a written post. 83 more words


The hat with the incurable case of wanderlust and amazing feats of reproduction

We got a surprise in the mail last week.

N’s favorite hat came back after being left behind in our August vacation cabin.  I wasn’t too terribly upset when he lost it – I felt sympathy for him, but not anger because he lost something I made. 727 more words


Second Chances

If I was only allowed to choose one thing that I loved about knitting, I would probably hem and haw and struggle for days to figure out what my single favorite thing would be. 727 more words


Hallowe’en in the Boneyard.

Happy Hallows’ Eve/October!


I’m actually not a huge fan of Hallowe’en … after working in Emergency for years and seeing what comes in during that one night of the year (read: Burns), I definitely lost my taste for the ‘fun’ night. 589 more words


quick knitting update - with photos!

Morning appointment got moved to the afternoon, so here I am, alone in my house for the first time in weeks – so of course, out come camera, knitting and computer.   71 more words


IKnit2Purl2 KAL & Pattern Sale

I’m getting ready for a little gift knitting iknit2purl2 pattern KAL. You can find my patterns here. I’m going to knit some Metro-North Cowls… 110 more words