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Soap Bubbles Cowl, my own ‘pattern’.

Two wicked skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino in Piedras seduced me into breaking my project plan. They were just so soft and shimmery and muted and cloudlike, you know? 738 more words



Or, transformation, mutation, transmutation, lead to gold, caterpillar to butterfly, etc.

Never ceases to astound and delight, does it?!

Details soon, post blocking.


Soccer Mom Knitting

I have given up…. no I have refused to knit any more Princess Luna socks! While knitting a new pair with adjustments I made my preteen daughter try them on so many times she was getting annoyed. 205 more words


Random Sunday

One of the two shops that are close to me has moved. The Knitting Bee is now very close to my friend Yuh-Chi’s house. I wanted to see the new place, so I took a little drive one day and once I found the shop, I might have made a small purchase. 110 more words


Happy early birthday to me

My birthday is a week away, and since I was in the vicinity of one of the few local yarn stores still doing business in my area, I decided to pop in and treat myself to some happy birthday yarn: 198 more words


Flower Shawl

This is the second shawl I made with the Floral Trellis Stitch (p. 258) from The Harmony Guide Basic Crochet Stitches.  Sure, I’ve seen the stitch on Pinterest somewhere, but I really like the Harmony Guides. 88 more words


Vlog Entry 18: Makeup haul, evil stickers, blink-blink, etc...

You know the deal. I’m rambling here about a lot of things. I go to Walgreen’s (where I DON’T get to buy anything for Sam), Tempe Yarn and Fiber (to see some of my favorite yarns!), and then I come home and show my haul, discuss a date and explain what “blink-blink” is. 39 more words