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Catching Tilapia in Sungai Melaka

Around midday on a weekday in Melaka, things are quiet by the riverbank walkway. But for this local guy, it’s the best time to drop a net and catch some tilapia. 6 more words


Jonker's Oyster Cake

Oyster cake at the Jonker Street Night Market. Deserves to be immortalized here.


Newsprint Apron

Apron fashioned from newspaper and tied around the shy but smiling fish vendor waist by means of a string.


Notable Incense Holders

Aimless walking in Melaka brought about snapshots of some notable incense holders of the Straits Chinese, like those tiny humble ones outside their shops, or the growing ones outside their temple. 10 more words


Cow Urine

A bottle of cow urine found at a store that also sells incenses, incense holders, cow’s milk and other prayer paraphernalia in Little India, Melaka.


tea-time break

People in

heels and shoes clad in suits and pencil skirts

flood up-market caf├ęs and central malls

Well-dressed ironies taking tea-time breaks knowing

there never really is any… 83 more words