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24 and so over this thing called life...

I am supposed to be studying for my exam for school next week but I can’t concentrate to save my life. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to focus long enough. 373 more words

Inktober 26: a little ungrateful and self absorbed

This one I didn’t get to finish before it hit midnight, because I was finishing the 25th’s inktober. I needed to be up early the next morning, so I had to call it quits. 58 more words


Malaise and MaMuse

Nothing on the level of issues that many of my friends and family are dealing with, but that doesn’t make the problems feel insignificant. I KNOW in my head they are small, and it seems ridiculous and small to think that they are anything to complain about or discuss…so instead, they become a general malaise in my life. 195 more words


A splotchy grey rain
Syrup malaise on my brain
Thinking such a strain


Navigating a new normal

Since my last post, I’ve been muddling through most days in a film of malaise. My beloved father passed away mere weeks ago. I vacillate between feelings of abandonment and guilt, relief and hope. 143 more words


Labour's massive malevolent malaise, continued?

It is almost universally that the Labour Party is in dire straights. On top of this they risk further deteriorating into yet another divisive leadership battle. 762 more words


#3: Write a Letter to the Plant in Your Apartment and Tell It Why It Needs To Live

Dearest Plant,

Your parched, stifled suffering is emblematic of so many things. Why do we take so many of your kind, stuff you in little pots, and perch you on windowsills or near sliding glass doors? 630 more words