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My idol


I hope everyone’s had a good week! I’m going to try and regulate my blog posts, so that every Wednesday I update or add something here! 322 more words


Malala is Legit

I just finished reading “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai.  I could only hope I would have a fraction of the drive and energy this girl has for her cause if I were in her situation. 232 more words


Malala Yousafzai's "I Am Malala"

I hate biographies. And I hate autobiographies. I hate reading about how amazing one person is, learning about meaningless plastic surgery operations and about why, oh why, that person is just so amazing. 251 more words

The things we are not

Some 150,000 schools across Pakistan commemorated I Am Not Malala Day. Walks and press conferences lit up the educational landscape of this country. It blacked everything else out though. 741 more words


Charpoys to Nobels

When Hassan Nisar, social commentator and journalist, says that the most worthy thing the Muslims of the subcontinent invented was the charpoy (traditional, woven bed), he is not too far off the mark. 753 more words


Bravery to Beauty

This post is a ‘just because’ post where I feel the need to share every bit of appreciation that I have for two of the most beautiful women who truly define what courage really means. 28 more words


2014: My Year in Videos

If the preview picture confused you it’s because the one I wanted to use was giving me trouble, so I went with a collage I made of my friend and I instead (hey Bridget). 486 more words