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Thank you, Gen. Musharraf - I agree with you !

For once I agree with Gen. Musharraf. He said two days back that the Peshawar attack that was carried out by terrorists was India’s fault. I agree. 577 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

"Extremists have shown what frightens them most : A Girl with a Book."

Luton, a town homed to approximately 49,992 Muslims with around 15 Masjids and several “Islamic educational centres”. Muslims, followers of Islam from the root word, Salam, meaning Peace. 1,038 more words


Badon ke Beech Mein Chote Nahi Bolte

Nobel Peace Prize this year was an epitome of peace in itself by awarding it to
a Pakistani and an Indian, who are working apparently on the same motive. 506 more words

Child Labour


Some heroes are caste when a tragedy strikes
Running headlong into dangerous situations
Some put their lives on the line every day
Braveness acknowledged in trifling citations … 189 more words

The World Must Unite To Destroy The Pakistan Taliban

Where children should be gathering to play and learn, only the blood of at least 132 pupils congeal together as one. The massacre happened at an Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan, and the dead include nine members of staff. 586 more words


Bloody Mourning in Pakistan

Pakistan has begun three days of mourning in the aftermath of one of the most disgusting attacks on children that has taken place in humanity’s recent history.. 422 more words


2014 Was the Year of the Butt and Some Other Things, Too

2014. What a wild and crazy timeĀ it’s been. This amazing year was filled with amazing people doing amazing things. There were wars, disasters, and miracles. 322 more words