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Last Stop

10 July 2014

It’s time to leave the island and head towards Kuala Lumpur…

We took a boat back to the main land, found another person to share a taxi with and headed to Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Kota Bahru.  716 more words

Petronas claims RM2.8 billion spent on student scholarships since 1975

Dateline 2014-06-08, The Malaysian Insider:

Petronas has spent RM2.8 billion on 21,000 students under its Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP) since 1975.

Its human resource management senior vice-president, Raiha Azni Abdul Rahman said since Petronas was established in 1974, the programe had been Petronas’s main effort in contributing to the development of sustainable human resource in the country.

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Malaysia Airlines MH136 Hampir Bertabrakan di Australia

Tragedi Malaysia Airlines MH17 baru dua mingggu yang lalu,hampir terjadi bencana baru pada pesawat malaysia airlines MH136 , MH136 yang membawa 167 penumpang terpaksa batal lepas landas dari Bandara Internasional Adelaide, Australia, sesudah pilot mengerti bahwasanya pesawat itu ada di jalur yang sama dgn suatu pesawat yang bakal mendarat. 156 more words


Formula E: Malaysia date moves from October to November

This post involves the prime minister of Malaysia, and is not related to the movie Zoolander.

The actual prime minister of Malaysia has determined the country’s inaugural FIA Formula E race – originally slated for October 18 as the second round of the series – will now move to November 22 since the original date did not work for the prime minister’s schedule. 109 more words

This is Hamas's silliest effort to attack Israel

Hamas is terrifyingly good at a lot of things. It’s good at smuggling weaponry. It’s good at building rockets. It’s good at tunneling into Israel. But information that’s come out over the past couple of days indicates that one of its plans has come to nothing — and that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. 178 more words


GEORGETOWN: Street by Street

.   .   .

With no plans set until the next day, we had the evening free to scout out the best of Georgetown, Penang. The afternoon heat was still sweltering, the streets busy with life, thunderous rumbles from un-silenced bike motors drilling into our ears and accompanied by a constant waft of sweating food stalls and open drains. 146 more words


Travel Diaries - Things to Do in Putrajaya

Mention Malaysia and most people would probably be able to name Kuala Lumpur as the capital. It’s definitely well-known as a bustling metropolis with historical and cultural attractions, as well as being an affordable shopping haven.. 878 more words