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Investigators ‘Revisiting’ Chance Missing Malaysian Plane LANDED Somewhere

Source: Breitbart, by Frances Martel

Malaysia’s New Straits Times published a blockbuster report this week that investigators searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may begin to reconsider the possibility that the plane successfully landed, rather than crashing into the Indian Ocean. 129 more words


Time to look up

As I was walking home tonight, I was struck for the first time by a pervading sense of calm. A calmness about the decision which I’ve just chosen to embark upon – to leave that security, that structure that my life in Edinburgh has provided me, and to see something else – albeit temporarily. 515 more words


MH370 may have landed now not crashed..oh really?


The search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may be forced to re-investigate the possibility that the passenger jet with 239 on board landed, according to new reports. 321 more words

World News


A.. rather unique name.. looks like they want to be part of the “i” (apple) family… yet. Want to be as discrete as possible, they shift the “i” to the back of their actual name. 561 more words


kampung life - Fun Wid Us

by yamanibrahim
Entertainment Guaranteed


Hungry for more, Part 3

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Dateline 2014-03-19, Energy Global:

Sabah crisis sharpens focus on regional territorial disputes over oil and gas reserves…

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