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A True Malaysian

It saddens me to know that our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed (henceforth Dr M) is of the opinion that there will never be a true Malaysian… 701 more words


It's In the Name!

There was this brief period in my stay here in Malaysia when I would get annoyed at people inquiring about my name. There is always an issue of where my name originated from. 334 more words


I just woke up. Haven’t taken a bath yet I am still blogging.

I actually woke up from a nightmare. Does that sound scary? I can’t remember what the nightmare was about, but it definitely woke me up half an hour earlier than usual. 1,048 more words


Beauty Blender VS Realtechniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Good day people. Today Im gonna give my honest reviews on both the beauty blender and Realtechniques miracle complexion sponge. I love both sponges like really so so much!!! 140 more words


Travelog : The Heart of Asia - Taiwan (Part I)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t….

Sekarang baru berkesempatan untuk meng’update’ blog untuk trip ke Taiwan yang lepas. Trip ni saya pergi pada bulan Januari yg lepas. Almost 8┬ábulan. 1,536 more words


Maybe I am no one.

Last Saturday was the day I last saw him. I waited for him to get home and pack his stuffs. He was late and I was late for my Malaysian mooncake festival party thingy but it doesn’t matter. 352 more words


Malaysian plane returning them after the holidays

Help Point  Returned a Malaysia Airlines flight to India to Kuala Lumpur after nearly four hours after takeoff because of a technical fault in the automatic pilot, said the company on Sunday. 140 more words