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Grab an Early Bird ticket today

I’m thrilled to announce that Early Bird tickets for the 18th Festival go on sale on today. Food, history, true crime, travel, music, politics, screenwriting, memoir, journalism, sport, surf, poetry, art, romance, education, comedy…whatever your literary love, we have it covered. 519 more words

Byron Bay Writers' Festival

Former Australian Leader Shares Wisdom On Ukraine.

Posted March 26, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“They detest war as a very brutal thing; and which, to the reproach of human nature is more practiced by men than any sort of beasts; and they, against the custom of almost all other nations, think that there is nothing more inglorious than that glory which is gained by war. 835 more words

Earth Matters

'US thinks rules are for inferior nations, it's in their DNA'

Kosovo’s secession demonstrated that international law is only as applicable as the force used to back it. But with Crimea now free on the wings of that precedent, the West cries foul. 47 more words


Canada’s Weak and Ineffective Cluster Bomb Law

My trip to Laos, described in my last blog, showed me firsthand the lasting horror of cluster bombs. Forty years after “The Secret War”, bomblets are killing or blasting the limbs off civilians, particularly  farmers and children. 341 more words

International criticism of Australia's treatment of asylum seekers

Today China’s vice-minister of foreign affairs, Li Baodong, said he was concerned about the ”very important issue” of the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, especially children, who arrive in Australia by boat. 560 more words