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Back to the Future. Leaders are meant to be inspirational who does Abbott inspire??? Oh yes ISIL

Howard should be tried for ‘conspiracy to commit mass murder’, says Andrew Wilkie ex Lieutenant Colonel ADF.

Howard says Wilkie an ex ADF intelligence officer ex LNP member is wrong despite being embarassed. 266 more words


David Cameron won't be online forever, or at all

Past midnight on 16 September 2014, I stayed awake to watch David Cameron’s speech against Scottish independence. I had just flicked to Sky News from The Project; and, almost 15,000km from where Cameron was speaking, I was not expecting to find a broadcast of the British PM’s final “Let’s Stick Together” speech. 642 more words


Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

With all the rhetoric going around about terrorism, and the the extremist “War” language spewing gleefully from the mouth of the political thug and brawler, we laughingly call a PM, I thought it might be worth looking at the issue of home grown terrorists!   1,291 more words

By Truth Seeker

Useful Idiot #6: Malcolm Fraser

Who would believe that this twit was ever a Liberal prime-minister? His words gives succour to those who have no desire to integrate, and who, at some point in the future, may post a security threat to our nation. 298 more words


Prime Minister's calls for Team Australia 'divisive' and 'counter-productive', former PM Malcolm Fraser says

By Deborah Cornwall, ABC.net.au

Former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has labelled Tony Abbott’s use of the term Team Australia “divisive” and “counter-productive”. 191 more words


Australian jihadists fighting overseas should be stripped of their citizenship | Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser, former Prime Minister of Australia 1975-83, advocating for citizenship revocation in cases of terrorism or fighting for foreign forces:

In Barwick’s time , dual citizenship was rare.

162 more words

Australian jihadists fighting overseas should be stripped of their citizenship

Australia would be totally justified in saying anyone who has dual citizenship will forthwith lose their Australian citizenship if they fight abroad with any other forces… 642 more words