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When Shows End: The Five Stages of Grief

You know the feeling when you finish a really good book? Or a really good series of books? It’s happy and sad and emotional to the point where it’s physically uncomfortable. 522 more words


I Should Write For Sitcoms

I have a loose definition of a sitcom. Uh, 30 minutes long, and, uh……… that’s my only criteria. To be honest, I have a loose definition of a lot of things.

1,052 more words
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Why I can't watch 'Breaking Bad'.

Am I the only one who finds it so hard to cope with changes in the TV families, especially when the genre changes along with the character. 212 more words


You're Not the Boss of Me: Don't Ban Bossy

Recently I’ve been seeing a new identity politics argument circulating around the internet that grinds my gears: Ban Bossy. This is not to say that I don’t agree with the movement’s aims–I think it would be wonderful if women had more self-confidence. 1,246 more words


The Forgotten Minority...

Within the last decade entertainment media has seen a move towards developing better social representation, whether that be in gender, race, religion, sexuality, creed, etc. But there’s one minority group that I feel has been forgotten despite the majority’s best intentions. 806 more words


Randomness: Breaking Bad...Final Episodes

I almost fainted when I saw that the final episodes of “Breaking Bad” had been added to Netflix. I had already read the reviews of the episodes… 120 more words