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Malcolm in the Middle Review

Hey readers, Reviewer of Steel here with a new TV series review, and today we will be looking at the sitcom that last 6 years, and 7 seasons, and the star vehicle for who is now one of the biggest actors of our time, Bryan Cranston, this is Malcolm in the Middle. 1,055 more words

A Review: Malcolm in the Middle

I wrote this about a little over a year ago, after finishing watching all seven seasons of Malcolm in the Middle straight through on Netflix. If you don’t know this show, I highly recommend it. 1,789 more words

Malcolm In The Middle

Malcolm In The Middle - Graduation


Malcolm is plucked out of his class in the series pilot, tested and plopped into a classroom for the smart kids. This just makes his crazy life with his crazy white trash family even harder. 1,826 more words

Big Brother

The 10 Best Non-2014 Shows I Watched This Year

There are plenty of “Best Television of 2014″ lists out there that making another one would be a bit redundant — I mean, by now, you’ve all been convinced to watch  1,684 more words