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#22 - The Run and Hal

My swirling vortex of thoughts now places me just outside the window of a friend’s house…

I am recording a message coming from the inside on a device I have in my hand. 461 more words


Spooky Scary Cinema: Stay Alive (2006)

Who likes talking about video-games? There have been several films based on games, as well as films based on the concepts and ideas behind video-games. Examples such as Scott Pilgrim Vs. 634 more words


8 Memorable 'Say Anything' Parodies on Television

The latest episode of New Girl, “Landline,” ended with a throwaway gag involving Winston’s girlfriend Judy trying to get him back after Nick’s meddling accidentally broke the couple up. 723 more words


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Amazon's "Transparent" might converge with Season 5 of Arrested Development

Jeffrey Tambor appeared on The Colbert Report last night to promote his new show on Amazon, “Transparent”, in which the actor formerly known as George Bluth plays the role of Maura Pfefferman, nee Mort Pfefferman. 96 more words


Separating Art from Bullshit

When I hear my mom describe me moving to LA through her loving momma bear eyes, I picture this imaginary version of me taking a brave plunge into the deep dark waters of the real world. 792 more words