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Historical Themes in Fallout 3

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m well behind the console game curve — here I am, for instance, just having a finished a game that came out in 2008. 1,157 more words

Star Trek Generations 20th Anniversary

As amazing as it seems (at least to me) it is 20 years ago today that Star Trek: Generations hit movie theatres. The last on-screen outing for William Shatner’s Kirk and the very first big screen outing by the crew of the Enterprise-D has become on of those Trek movies that has polarized fans in that either they enjoyed it or absolutely loathed it. 481 more words


Royal Flash (1975)

When learning of the British Empire Blogathon graciously hosted by Phantom Empires and The Stalking Moon I immediately thought of Royal Flash for a variety of reasons. 819 more words

Daily Take

The Ripper Strikes Again!

November 9th marks the date that the mutilated body of Mary Kelly was found in her Whitechapel lodgings in 1888. This horrid crime is the last officially attributed to the murderous fiend referred to as Jack the Ripper. 519 more words

W.P. Rigler Musings

Halloween (2007)

The reality is that Rob Zombie’s Halloween was always going to be an uphill climb. Remakes of pictures that are considered sacred, like John Carpenter’s 1978 classic… 711 more words


Film 6 - A Clockwork Orange

The sixth installment of my Halloween movie posts is a film that I have loved from the moment I first laid eyes on it. It is my ABSOLUTE favorite film of all time, directed by a man who is also my favorite director of all time, and it is so very frightening. 772 more words