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Anti-Pullout (Like I'd Want To Anyway!)

Since I’m not really in an “official” lock-up period at the moment, I have been kind of playing around a little bit with another option which I had gone ahead and ordered with the Queen’s Keep even though I wasn’t sure if it would ever get used or not. 758 more words

Male Chastity

Feral, free range rabbit

It’s been an odd couple of weeks around here.

First off, I was off in the woods over the long MLK weekend. Belle let me out the weekend before that, let me come, and then didn’t put me back in since I was flying on Wednesday. 900 more words

Life With Belle

Chastity as (in) Religion

Hmm, it seems I’ve inadvertently started a whole “Chastity As…” series! I’ve written before about Chastity as a game, as a lifestyle, and even… 1,505 more words

Male Chastity

January 15

There has been No Sex for 14 days. :(

He’s been working all the time and has been totally exhausted. It has given me the opportunity however, to focus on The Master Plan or rather ‘How I Tell my Husband I Need Domination’ or HIT HIND as the file is called on my computer. 363 more words

Six Weeks in the... (?)

OOPS!  Never mind, I was starting my normal Tuesday update, but didn’t actually hit 6 weeks in the keep for this round, did we? :) I’m still out, just wanted to give an update on the condition of the “merchandise!” Starting with the steel..  238 more words

Male Chastity

Round 1 Success!

I am happy to say that my first run locked in the Queen’s Keep, with Angel holding the keys, ended rather explosively (pardon the pun! :)  ) a couple of nights ago! 549 more words

Male Chastity

Mature Metal Measuring: Take Two

A couple months ago I had a whole post about Measuring and Ordering from Mature Metal. I got the measuring rings and spent quite a bit of time trying to make sure my measurements were just right. 945 more words

Male Chastity