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Let me start off by saying that I fail at keyholding.  It seems like it could be tons of fun, but I’ve tried it before and it never works.   371 more words


Uh-Oh, Abort Mission!

Crap! After all my testing, I found a deal-breaker today and will most likely have to send the Queen’s Keep back to Mature Metal to check out… :-(  All related to that darn security screw again! 227 more words


New Blog Pages

I’m still pretty new to this whole blogging thing, so I’m still kind of figuring out what all I can and can’t do with it.  The look and feel of the site may change a bit over time as I get more into it!  69 more words


Almost Go-Time!

It’s been basically two weeks since my new Queen’s Keep arrived, and I have been unlocked from Chastity for almost that same amount of time. I have been testing out the new device pretty extensively and generally everything has been going quite well with it!  295 more words


Queens Keep: The First 48 Hours

I’ve just finished up my longest test so far of the Queen’s Keep: about 48 hours worth.  The good news is that I’m seeing no ill-effects so far, like bad rubbing or chafing anywhere!  454 more words


Queen's Keep: Limp Through the Night

Yes, the title pun was intended! :-) I made it through my first nighttime trial of the Queen’s Keep last night and it brought out two big revelations for me that I probably should have known but must have forgotten: 363 more words


A boy and his best friend

There’s a saying about a dog being a boy’s first best friend but, in reality, the first best friend a boy has is his penis. It’s always there for him (and has been from the very start), is always ready to play, and, with a penis, a boy will never be bored for too long. 1,280 more words

Life With Belle