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Fantasizing - Bondage Equipment for Immobilization

Cagedmonkey and I have a written agreement that covers all parts of our sexual relationship, not just the Male Chastity. In this agreement, I made it quite clear that cagedmonkey was to tell me about any and all fantasies he has. 670 more words

Male Chastity

A Cock at Attention - I'm So Fucking Horny!!

Usually I have about a week or so during the month (most of the time the week or so before I start my cycle) where I’m so crazy, mega horny that almost no amount of orgasms or sex can satisfy me. 887 more words

Male Chastity

120 Intimacy in Your Relationships -- The Adventure Continues

If you have read these blog posts from the beginning (and I would urge you to do so), you will now be aware of the process of restarting intimacy which I support, and which I have used for some time now to help couples who want to increase intimacy in a stale but otherwise OK relationship, and to assist men who are seeking an intimate and satisfying relationship to prepare themselves for this and to learn the skills of mindfulness and those practical skills which will be useful with potential partners. 674 more words


119 Preparation for Intimacy for the Single Man

Restart yourself to prepare to find intimacy

In these blog posts I have attempted to show a way in which intimacy can be increased in a relationship, and a change can be made to an intimacy focused life. 2,375 more words


Guilty Feelings - Denial Must Be Working

Well I’ve noticed each time we go through a new denial period that I get to a point where I start getting these feelings of guilt. 305 more words

Male Chastity

Another gentleman caller

So way back at the beginning of this year, Belle told me I was allowed to seek male…er, companionship…so as to meet certain needs and desires she was not interested in exploring with me (i.e., I’m a whore and want to get fucked by some guy). 504 more words

Life With Belle

Have Some Restraint!

I’m pretty smiley and excited this morning. Cagedmonkey and I finally put the under the bed restraints back under the mattress and it’s got the juices flowing! 658 more words

Male Chastity