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112 Thoughts for the Single Man about Sex

If you have taken the paths described in the previous blog posts and in the books I have written (see below), the practice of male chastity puts you away from your old habits of masturbation and orgasm and allows new habits to form. 602 more words


111 The Key to Great Sex is Consideration for Each Other

The aim of both partners should always be to be fully mindful of the other, and to seek pleasure in giving pleasure to them. It may be that you could start with tantric kissing, then cuddling, then oral sex so that the woman has an orgasm, and then move into more tantric themed penetration and take it all from there. 476 more words


109 Penetrative Sex

For the man, penetrative sex often appears to be the only area of intimacy which he considers intimate. But now both partners should have explored so many other ways to share intimacy, and an approach to make the whole of life together a sharing intimate experience. 876 more words


Memories and a Good Hard Fucking From Behind

If you all can peel yourselves away from my big sexy boobies for just one minute lol I thought I would write :)

First of all I absolutely hate packing and moving. 637 more words

Male Chastity


I have been a very bad chastity blogger. Very, very bad. I deserve to be punished. Severely. So…uh…wanna?

OK, maybe later. In truth, I have yet again totally ignored my DT email address and a whole lot of feedback has piled up and I truly do feel guilty about not replying. 3,627 more words

Male Chastity

107 Her Pleasure is YOUR Priority

In fiction and the media every woman has an orgasm every time she has sex. In the recent bestselling erotic trilogy, 50 Shades of Grey… 1,225 more words


The Lull Continues...

Thanks to the moving preparations and also my current coming-down-with-a-cold-ness, there hasn’t been all that much horny play between My Lady and me during the past week. 239 more words

Male Chastity