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Artistic Integrity


Where would we all be without life’s little reminders that you’ve forgotten: to turn off the tap; invade Poland; take the turkey out the freezer; her first name… ┬áBad move, by the way. 603 more words

Adult Humour

A Turd of Advice

Agony Aunt

The heading is meant to start ‘A Word of Advice’! She’ll be taking over my life next! Stroppy computers; it’s like being married again. 777 more words

Adult Humour

Foot in Mouth Disease

Pearls before Chicks

Oops. EdZilla says she’s never been so affronted in her life. She should try being a misunderstood, tragic, vulnerable yet winsome author. Apparently I put my foot in it. 665 more words

Adult Humour

The Creative Muse

Shouldn’t that be ‘Moose’?

For the last time, will you stop interfering? I am sick and tired of these interventions. They make me look like an utter tit. 664 more words

Adult Humour


You Wish

And you can stop that for a start! I never typed that sub-heading! This bloody computer has a mind of her own! Anyway! Bloody buckets! 750 more words

Adult Humour

Today just so happens to be one of those days, where little bits and pieces of the past, seems to be coming right at me. Things like the old songs I used to listen to, like… 870 more words

The Best Laid Plans

Read the Instructions

Bastards! Smug, sanctimonious, self-satisfied creepettes! (We told you so; EdZilla et al. Still, the Salade Nicoise was very good) I thought the bloody things (he means the delicious langoustine. 481 more words

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