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Brain Transplant No 17. (Failed)

Squeak de coeur

They all hate me! No! It’s not fair! (Oh, God! He’s off! EdZilla) (Where’s his bloody nurse when you need her? EdZ) Bah! 924 more words

Mid-life Crisis

Communist Plot Number 3158


Arrggghhhhh! The bloody Dyson’s exploded! In the middle of the bloody kitchen! Again! All over everywhere. Without warning! I simply pushed a wee tit and it blew up in front of me! 826 more words

Adult Humour

Rhyming Twang

Schlock Sonnet

A new Shakespearean Sonnet has been unearthed by scholars working in ‘Spearmint Gerbil’ in Edinburgh! It was discovered when they were sandblasting a pair of crotchless knickers in the Gents urinal. 544 more words

Adult Humour

Why Blog About Love And Sex?

Nine years ago, along with other Clinical Counseling graduate students, I listened to one of many lectures on Human Growth and Development. The professor was, in my mind, an absolutely brilliant mind. 472 more words


Yeh Hai Aashiqui 3rd August 2014 Episode 55 on Bindass - Written Update

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks that Pyaar, Ishq or Mohabbat which are different names given to love and most of the quotes are written on them by philosophers or by ordinary people. 2,823 more words

Telly Reviews

Man Flu


I’m not well! Beri-Beri, or galloping brain fever. (Stop boasting; you haven’t got one. EdZilla) Perhaps just a hint of Swine fever. I could be dying! 751 more words

Adult Humour

Me v Technology; Round 3,172

Power-Mad Computers

Get a life! Further to my re-education programme prior to this bash at Edinburgh University, I have been watching television and things, occasionally. Ignore her. 918 more words

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