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The (Grande) Finale

At this point, it’s no big secret. We’ve covered enough material for us all to know how sex and society are very much related and feed off of each other in the world we live in. 881 more words



We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what about other places? Is Vegas the only place where people go to ‘play’? Why is Vegas such a popular spot for tourists? 883 more words


There You Have It

As most female-related topics are extremely taboo in our Eastern society, the concept of the head scarf
has been a non-negotiable matter for decades now; I do believe I can easily count the number of families which don’t persist on reinforcing the mainstream assumption that the hijab is an obligation in Islam -because let’s face it, how many people do we actually know grew up lacking that perpetual paranoia that they should cover their hair very soon? 845 more words

Domestic Violence & Patriarchy

Domestic abuse is not a result of patriarchal society.
In recent times, there has been much attention given to the notion of feminism. Many celebrities have come forward and stated that they are feminists and the movement has become almost fashionable. 501 more words