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Domestic Violence & Patriarchy

Domestic abuse is not a result of patriarchal society.
In recent times, there has been much attention given to the notion of feminism. Many celebrities have come forward and stated that they are feminists and the movement has become almost fashionable. 501 more words

2098. Compatibility Axioms #531-540

531. When he shows interest, she starts out as targeted sex object. Her yielding confirms it. Hunters stop aiming at game already put down—except for arranging booty call. 305 more words

Sex Differences

What's Sex got to do with........Kevin Gates??

“Ho told me the other she sent a nigga to jail. I thought it was legal to beat your hoe.” These are the opening lines to Kevin Gates hit single ‘ 340 more words


I Deserve To Be Treated Like a Lady

I will start off by saying that I know this is an ad made a company so the amount of editing done for this campaign i can not attest to, I can’t say without a doubt that this is what actually happened when this woman was said to have walked around for 10 hours and the video is under 2 minutes long. 1,538 more words


Male instinct he calls it

Male and female roles, I don’t get it.

As I have noted in my post on women’s rights, I believe that in a relationship both partners should be as equal as possible, what I failed to mention is that my boyfriend thinks very differently. 676 more words


Sex and Power: male dominance over women

In a conceptual analysis post I looked at a song called “God Made Girls”  by a country singer named Raelynn. When looking at this post I wish I would have added on to this post and so do some of the people who commented on my blog. 737 more words