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2056. Submissive #10 — Nudging: Her Best Tool

I continue with submissive situations that make women more aware of what’s happening between the sexes. ‘Nudge’ means hint, planted seed, wordless suggestion, nod of conviction, and seemingly non-judgmental passing of a thought one spouse to the other. 649 more words


How, in the 21st century, do young men become dedicated killers and torturers?


What kinds of societies turn out young men capable of horrendous cruelty and violence, perpetrated in the name of traditional, religious, ethnic or nationalistic beliefs? 2,692 more words


2051. Submissive #08 — Virtual Virginity Earns Less Submission

I continue with situations that make women more aware of what’s happening mentally between the sexes.

19. Virtual virginity softens his expectations that she submit to his natural dominance. 572 more words


The violent death throes of Papa State

We are presently witnessing the desperate, violent death throes of Papa State. Who is Papa State? The name symbolises the sovereign nation state, of which there are currently some two hundred around the world. 1,374 more words


The Heart of the Matter

As part of my training, my Master has asked me to learn more about the D/S lifestyle. I have been reading everything I can! My personal favorite website is… 227 more words


Fluff up your feathers, there are tigers in the forest

There is a code among women, something all mothers tell their daughters. A fear without remedy that has been handed down to only girls throughout the generations. 1,963 more words