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On A Roll...

It is an early Saturday morning as I begin to write this. The sun is beginning to make the black sky gray and it is above freezing, for a change. 474 more words

The Return of Patriarchy in Mainstream Culture?

Generally I don’t get involved in Hollywood much. I can think of a million things better to do than listen to the latest noise put out by the mainstream or watch the latest TV shows. 1,430 more words


Cosmo Says Male-Dominated Workplaces Are Great Places To Score A Date

For decades, Cosmopolitan magazine has been enthusiastically converting the mainstream, feel-bad-about-yourself mythology of girl-meets-guy into a mainstream, monthly infection. You’re supposed to only want guys (duh), and be validated through men (it’s so exciting!), and make yourself pretty so he’ll like you (eat a smaller lunch and tone those glutes!) and taking this matter into your own hands is empowering (and here are some bonus sex tips to help… 718 more words


The feminist inside me is celebrating

This post is out of the ordinary in terms of this blog, but in my secret other life I am an actor, and a rather feminist actor. 150 more words


On Male Dominance, Gendered Language, and Misogyny

(What Would Jose Rizal Do?)

While growing up, I have always developed a funny sense of fascination on why everyone in my family calls my brother ‘the only begotten son’ and considers him the most precious of all treasures because according to them, his is the only blood that would carry my family’s name on to the next generations to come. 600 more words

Gendered Language