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Well maybe if you didn't...

Maybe I’m missing the point here. Maybe I just don’t understand and I’m left out of the big joke because I’m finding it hard to believe that blame is being put on these female celebrities for leaked photos taken in the privacy of their space. 375 more words


Wuss Steve Almond's war against football: "It's a masculine game--and I hate masculinity"

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Misogynistic football

“[H]ow do you justify glorifying a game that defines men as heroically violent warriors and women as sexual ornaments who jiggle on the sidelines?” Almond writes in Salon.

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The Worth of a Male Feminist: Why Female-Exclusive Feminism Won't Help Humanity

Last evening, thanks to a Facebook friend of mine, I was introduced to a blog that sought to make a fair argument for why Men cannot be feminists. 807 more words


Why HeForShe Matters

“Gender equality is your issue too.”

-Emma Watson

When I was in high school, a classmate of mine was cut from the football team due to poor grades.

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#HeForShe Earns Emma Watson Some Serious Threats

Harry Potter star Emma Watson spoke at the UN this weekend on feminism and calling for men to join women in fighting for gender equality. Not long after, an online group responded by threatening to reveal nude, private pictures of Watson – probably proving her point.


If not me, who? If not now, when?

WOW Emma Watson rocks. The title of this post is a direct quotation from her recent speech this past weekend at the UN. Emma delivered the speech very articulately with impact and passion. 65 more words


A Male Feminist's Guide to the Opportunities and Challenges of #HeForShe

Emma Watson’s speech this past weekend could not have come at a more fortuitous time, nor could her message have been more critical. At a time when feminism has sadly become synonymous with… 796 more words