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Doin' Some Real Talk About Men & Feminism

I read an article recently about how apparently, the best way to stop campus rapes is by dudes telling other dudes it isn’t cool. And that seems to be a common finding; that when a man speaks up about how violence against women isn’t cool, other guys absorb that information and might just change their ways. 716 more words


I love to complain about the media, but now I'll have to stop (maybe)

You’ll have heard me go on about ‘the media,’ as a uniform mass of malevolent goo (emphasis on the ‘male’). You’ll have heard me bang on about ‘content’ and how amazing it is ( 270 more words


Feminists: Check Your Privilege

Many feminists, including myself, seem to completely forget how they’ve obtained their understanding of feminism. This forgetfulness can cause them to come off as angry, extreme, and even worse—exclusive. 1,304 more words

Stand-Up 01 - The Planned Material

Greetings Comrades.

This is the planned material I will be recording (when I can) for my first stand-up podcast entitled, ‘RIDICULE DOGS.’

Enjoy! 518 more words


Stephen Colbert and Why We Need Male Feminism

In a recent segment he recorded for Rookie magazine, Stephen Colbert dropped character and answered a handful of questions put to him by teen girls, ages ranging from 14 to 19, about how to deal with sex, relationships, catcalling, and other tribulations. 938 more words


Choice Quotes: Men on FEMINISM

“all men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights the world will be a better place. We are better off when women are empowered – it leads to a better society.” 187 more words


The Myth of Male Feminism

It’s time for the few men who call themselves feminists to stop.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support the rights of women. It means the feminist label isn’t meant for us. 743 more words

Notes From A Polite New Yorker