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"Friend Zone" slam poetry performance

Language warning.

I’ve become a bit of a slam poetry/spoken word performance junkie over the last couple of months, and I think I have a new favorite poem. 35 more words

Men as Feminists

First off, I’m not taking about your ordinary kind of feminist dabbler,
“I like women and think we should treat them fairly,” kind of guy. 616 more words

Glad to See You!

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.”
-George Carlin

My name is Jeremy, and I have a penis. As far as I know, I’ve always had it.

440 more words

On Feminism: A teen's perspective

For a long time I wrestled with the feminist label with which I had been branded as a result of my outspoken and passionate nature when discussing injustices dealt to the women of our society. 790 more words

Social Issues

Doin' Some Real Talk About Men & Feminism

I read an article recently about how apparently, the best way to stop campus rapes is by dudes telling other dudes it isn’t cool. And that seems to be a common finding; that when a man speaks up about how violence against women isn’t cool, other guys absorb that information and might just change their ways. 716 more words


I love to complain about the media, but now I'll have to stop (maybe)

You’ll have heard me go on about ‘the media,’ as a uniform mass of malevolent goo (emphasis on the ‘male’). You’ll have heard me bang on about ‘content’ and how amazing it is ( 270 more words


Feminists: Check Your Privilege

Many feminists, including myself, seem to completely forget how they’ve obtained their understanding of feminism. This forgetfulness can cause them to come off as angry, extreme, and even worse—exclusive. 1,304 more words