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Why Saying "Man Up" Is Complete Bullshit

There’s a lot of talk about feminism at the minute, given that it’s 2014 and people are realising that actually women are people too and deserve to be treated as such (and if either sex is inferior, it’s probably the men). 723 more words


"Ay girl, what's yo name!?"

We’ve all seen and heard it. The whistles, catcalls, hooting, and hollering whenever a woman walks by a group of men. The stares and glares that ensue when a woman wants to go to the grocery store or corner store. 519 more words


A good man is hard to find: On male feminist allies

I hear feminist activists appeal all the time to “the good men”. They make speeches, like Emma Watson did recently to much fanfare, to impeach these “good men”—who witness the systematic rape, torture, murder, debasement, and general oppression of women—to stop standing by. 911 more words

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Feminism in London Conference: Part 3

Feminism and men: Working Together for Gender Equality?

Sandy Ruxton and Nikki van der Gaag

For this workshop we were shown a presentation and then got into groups to discuss different questions. 1,403 more words

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