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On the Renaissance of the Divas (Part I)

In a Divas division stocked primarily with vacant hotties, Paige and AJ are finally telling an honest catfight story. Most of WWE’s divas are delightful performers, but as actresses they lack depth of character. 425 more words

A Feminist Blogger Always Pays Her Debts - Victories and Failures of Game of Thrones

Confession: I just started watching Game of Thrones at the end of June.

Yes, yes, I know. I’m letting down the whole generation of Millennials who have been trying to make Lannister references at me for years. 1,506 more words

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Rape as Literary Device

Okay, so I think we can all agree rape is a pretty terrible thing. I don’t even want to get into the victim-blaming and rape-apology aspects of it right now. 661 more words

The Jazz Club: Caging a Free Bird

There I sat.

In a small, smokey ol’ Jazz Club. Illuminated by glowing lights that cast a golden haze… that masked the scars and scraps of the old building and furniture that surrounded us. 559 more words

My Soap Box Dialogue To Society

Nightclubs, please remove your entry ratios

Breasts? Check. This was what the large, unsmiling man assessed me on before granting me entry into a nightclub last Saturday night. Unfortunately for the group of men in front of me, they were made to wait another fifteen minutes before they were able to enter. 695 more words

Creepstars at the community pool

Yesterday after a long wait I went swimming at the pool in my neighbourhood. Located in one of India’s premiere colleges it really is one of the few pools easily and not very cheaply accessible by public. 333 more words


We Are Our Own Voyeurs: The Reclaiming (Or Re-Commodifying) of Post-Feminist Female Bodies

By Sarah M 

A few months ago on Conversation X, Sara L posted this poignant piece thinking about what it means for modern women to live within the constraints of male expectations. 1,424 more words

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