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Update: So, a Peer Commented on My Clothing Last Week....


And my professor gave no f*#ks. Her response was essentially, “Well, you should be aware of how you’re making him feel and conduct yourself accordingly. 191 more words


Glamorizing Rape

There’s an intrinsic connection between rape and clothing; generally, it’s the misinformed stance that rape is provoked by what the victim is wearing. The idea is complete bunk, but it persists nonetheless. 664 more words

"Puzzle Trouble: Women and Crosswords in the Age of Autofill"

Anna Schechtman’s essay in the American Reader on gender bias in the world of crossword construction is well written and fascinating.


Nude in the Name of Art

Instagram is the latest website (network, whatever) to come under fire for their uneven policing of nudity on the network. Instagram states that no nudity shall be tolerated – basically, if it’s not safe for work, then you shouldn’t post it. 665 more words

So Much Internet: Women's Bodies Edition

Read about the past, present, and possible future of women in pants: Wearing the Pants: a Brief Western History of Pants.

Words you don’t normally think of together, especially in the Middle Ages: … 123 more words


K-Feminist: Whatcha lookin' at? My eyes are up here. (Spica's "I Did It")

That title comes from the lyrics of Spica’s English debut song “I did it” which was just released today. I felt a feminism segment coming for a long time, and it can’t be easier when I have lyrics to analyze along with the presentation for the video. 532 more words


Omnivore's Oeuvre: The Novels of Jeffrey Eugenides

One of my mini-projects this summer has been reading Jeffrey Eugenides’ complete novels. The author’s Greek-American heritage and native Detroit inspire much of his subject matter, and romantic and familial relationships are central to his work. 1,043 more words