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Imaginary Romance

Exhausted, she fell asleep in my arms mid-sentence. Her head stayed firmly on my arm, my body spooned against hers. We had taken this position as a matter of comfort. 427 more words

From 8-17-14

While talking to a male about cutting my hair (I recently cut it from shoulder-length to ear-length.), I mentioned that I someday want to GI-Jane buzz it, and he told me two notable things: 135 more words

"Why Great Husbands Are Being Abandoned"-HuffPo

Men are less interested in marriage, and the reason why is not a mystery. Therapist Randi Gunther writes in the Huffington Post about “ 556 more words


The Mental Health Profession Needs More Men

Jillian Berman wrote a piece for the Huffington Post called “Why the Next Mark Zuckerberg Probably Won’t Be a Woman”. She quotes Erica Swallow, the only woman in a venture capital office: “It was just kind of uncomfortable to work in that environment…I felt like, why am I doing this internship if it appears that the hiring funnel is such that this would never lead to a good job for me?” 907 more words


Who Does Society Value Most?

Who would you rescue?

A survey from the United Kingdom found:

  • An elderly person (any gender): 91%
  • A single woman, or a child: 85%
  • 30 more words

You describe yourself as a Nice Guy? I'm not just bored. I'm scared.

There is something inherently frightening about a man who describes himself primarily as “nice” when he’s trying to impress women. No one’s most unique and impressive quality is being nice. 224 more words


White Men Debating Facts

I finally articulated why “I’m debating” in so many conversations is bullshit and is so infuriating.

Super privileged people (mostly white rich guys who’ve gone to college) think of everything as a theoretical debate. 194 more words