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What to do now that you're aware of your privilege(s)

When it comes to concept of privilege, there seems to be this common stumbling block for people who are well-meaning and want to be social justice allies of some sort or another. 1,753 more words

BACKLASH: When Baby's Last Name is Mom's

Such a powerful piece on The Hairpin today by sister siren Molly Caro May about how she and her husband embraced HER last name for their new daughter. 109 more words

Sister Sirens

The Orgasm Gap Has Got to Go

Originally published on About.com

Gender disparities abound in our societyThe gender pay gap, for starters, shows that the labor of men is valued more than that of women. 127 more words


Picking at The Dinner

The Dinner is one text that I do not have many feelings about. There are some things I liked, there are some things I disliked, but as a whole, my feelings are a whole lot of meh. 377 more words

21st Century Literature

I Was Recently Reminded We Still Need Feminism - Denise Li

When Denise Li was the subject of unwanted advances in a bar last Friday night, she realised feminism still has a long way to go. 841 more words


Stupidity and Male Privilege

Stupid people annoy me.  They really, really do.  Willful/arrogant ignorance makes me want to punch people.  I can deal with people who just don’t happen to know stuff.   531 more words

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