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Sexist Junk Mail

I just love the fact that my local post-office provides a handy counter with a garbage receptacle beneath it, where I can stand in dignity and sort through and discard the “junk mail” that lands in my mail box. 229 more words


Male Oppression Within Patriarchy

“I have no mouth and I must scream”

-Harlan Ellison

I do not have the words to write this piece, it needs years of consideration, of learning, and of careful deliberation.

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5 Ways To Convert Your Guy Friends Into Feminist Allies

Being a guy feminist isn’t easy, especially when you spend a lot of time around guys who aren’t feminists—and as the joke goes, the more time you spend with guys who aren’t feminists, the more you realize why all women hate guys. 878 more words

The Audacity Of Women

One of the main criticisms of modern American feminism is that it’s no longer needed now that women are equals. I disagree, but not for the same reason as most. 844 more words

Make No Mistake, "TERF" Is A Slur

I find it difficult to believe that we women have to keep saying this and writing about it, but I guess we do because men’s voices are the only ones people want to listen to, not ours’; but make no mistake, “TERF” is a slur created by men to silence and even shame women. 1,509 more words

Thoughts on victim-blaming, it's never good but sometimes it's far worse than other times

I read this article recently and it made me feel uncomfortable. The author says he was wearing Google Glass in a neighborhood that’s being gentrified by Google and its employees and he was assaulted.   575 more words

Racism, Sexism, and Satire

A couple of weeks ago two of my oldest and closest friends came up to visit.  While she was here, one of them stumbled across a “satire” piece on Thought Catalog titled, “ 707 more words