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Male Rape is Just As Horrific as Female Rape

As most of you know, I like to use this blog to highlight a lot of stuff that I enjoy and that make me happy. However, every once in a while, this place is also where I come to vent and be all preachy, and unfortunately for those of you who decide to keep reading, this is one of those times. 482 more words

My Two Cents

**REVIEW** of WINDHAVEN, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

A Fantastic Dark Erotic Fantasy Romance

Adult Read: Contains graphic sexual content, male rape, torture, BDSM

Book Synopsis

“Open your mouth even once, tell anyone about us, give them a name, and we’ll come for you, Sammy. 606 more words


How Rape is Different from having your House Burgled

If you’ve come across some of the nifty ideas out there to help prevent rape, you’ll notice that the majority focus on what women can do to protect themselves against this almost inevitable fate if they are to insist on leaving the house. 1,512 more words

White House Mandated Campus Climate Surveys Likely To Ignore Male Victims

Update: Rutgers University has confirmed that they will not be using the SES.

After I wrote this post I sent a mail to the leader of the pilot survey project at Rutgers University expressing my concern for the recommendation of SES as a possible instrument and explained how SES exclude a subset of male victims of rape. 1,782 more words

Male Victim

It is possible to have conversations about rape, rape culture, and violence against women and girls, without minimizing and/or trivializing male rape victims and men falsely accused and/or convicted of rape.

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Justice! Finn Guilty In Hollyoaks Rape Trial Drama

It’s been a week of high drama on Hollyoaks, with rapist Finn O’Connor (pictured above, played by Keith Rice) finally being put on trial for his crimes. 3,455 more words

Join The American Armed Services...

… and get your fill of man to man combutt.

Though women are more likely to be the victims of rape in the military, male-on-male rape is still a serious problem sweeping the U.S.

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