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LOL-WORTHY VIDEO: Guys Try Pole Dancing For The First Time And It's HYSTERICAL!

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So the whole “Pole Fitness” thing has been a craze for a while now, at least for the ladies. But what would happen if GUYS tried their hand at channeling their inner stripper and working that pole? 28 more words


Sweat and a Show

Some men would love this too, I might add. Now, tell me you wouldn’t hop on a bike and book it if you saw that!


What I Learned When I Went To See Some Male Strippers. Really.

I did something very odd last week for a Wednesday night. I went to what’s politely called a “male revue” but is basically “Magic Mike” live. 689 more words


Photo: Streepers We Love

Came across this photo on (where else?) twitter. Had to share, because those dancers have got see-rious wares they are marketing all up on that stage. lol