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Submission to Mistress

A couple weeks ago in a friday night session, Miss used a new tactic of electrical stimulation, and really had me going. The pulsing of the tens on my inner thighs and above my genitals was in perfect time with my spirit. 253 more words


A Venting Post

Hi, I’m E. I’m a Miss to some, and Milady to others. I hope you enjoy my blog.

If you’re new here, you should know that this blog contains BDSM, kink, poly and gender explorations, and explicit Sadiomasochistic content.

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The Mother-in-law

“I could just about grin and bear the stupid novelty jumpers she usually knits me but that adult onesie is an absolute bloody no-no,” Christopher Walker complained to his wife, Alison, in private in the kitchen, just after his mother-in-law, Veronica, had enthusiastically presented him with this year’s ‘extra special’ Christmas present. 1,708 more words


Veiled Beauty

It was a Monday morning rush hour in central London.

Too many people were in the same place at the same time. Too many vehicles were on the road and too many commuters were trying to get to work. 1,765 more words


The Chapel of The Natural Order of Mother Nature

“Our Mother which art in nature, Worshipped is thy sex, For thine is the femdom, The power and the glory, For ever and ever, Afem.” 682 more words