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Why Must We Limit Ourselves?

I know romance is everyone’s dirty little secret. I see it when I’m doing book signings at book stores where if you ask patrons “do you read romance?” They shudder in shame and come up with a respectable genre like mystery or sci-fi or non-fiction war books. 370 more words

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unnamed (1) I'm loving this post today. Why? Because it speaks to the heart of what I hear and see when I tell people I've started writing gay romance. They giggle, or type LOL, give me the winky emoji and give me "oh, wow." and then never mention the subject again. I will admit to not reading in other genres, simply because I had a preconceived notion of what I thought it was. I didn't read vampires until I was told about JR Ward and now I love her and Sara Humphreys, I didn't read Civil War romance until Cindy Nord and I honestly, I don't know how I picked up Male/Male romance but I did and I was swept away by the romance I discovered in the pages. So much so , that I wrote my own, Rescued, under the name Felice Stevens, which is coming out August 19th, from Loose Id. For another viewpoint from Susanna Kearsley, on celebrating ALL Romance, you might want to check out her article here: http://www.readaromancemonth.com/2014/08/day-3-susanna-kearsley-celebrating-all-romance/ We, as romance writers suffer enough snobbery, eye-rolling and isolation from outside the genre. it's nice to know we all have each other's backs. Have a happy!!

Thanks and Good Night!

It’s getting late here at the Karenna Colcroft homestead, so I’m going to wander away to bed now. Where I’ll probably dream about male musicians falling in love, since that’s what I’ve been talking about all day… 141 more words

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Excerpt 3- Love Like Vampires

Karenna Colcroft back to share the final excerpt of the day from Love Like Vampires. The novel officially releases on Wednesday, but you can pre-order it now from Dreamspinner Press in either… 837 more words

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Friends to Lovers

Karenna Colcroft here again to share my thoughts on what seems to be one of the more popular romance tropes: Friends to lovers.

I think many of us in real life have had one friend who was so close we could tell them anything. 488 more words

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Excerpt 2- Love Like Vampires

Karenna Colcroft back to share the next excerpt from my male/male contemporary novel Love Like Vampires. The book officially releases on July 30, and you can pre-order your copy now from Dreamspinner Press in either… 1,010 more words

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The Story Behind Love Like Vampires

Karenna Colcroft back again to tell you a little about how my new male/male contemporary romance Love Like Vampires came to be.

Or at least I would tell you if I could really remember… Usually, I have a specific piece of inspiration for a story. 532 more words

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G-rated Excerpt from Love Like Vampires

Karenna Colcroft back again with the first of three excerpts I’ll be sharing today from Love Like Vampires, my new male/male contemporary romance. It officially releases on Wednesday, but is available now for pre-order from Dreamspinner Press in either… 631 more words

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