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Correct Video for lens distortion in Matlab?

I have a video that was taken with a GoPro and I would like to get rid of the fisheye distortion. I know I can get rid of the fisheye with the gopro software, but I want to do this using Matlab instead. 53 more words


Review tổng hợp 1 số phim

Thật ra tôi đắn đo không biết nên viết review tổng hợp ra bài thế này, hay viết luôn vào các mục đã được chia sẵn cho từng loại, còn viết review riêng cho từng bài thì quả thật bây giờ tôi không đủ thời gian. 1,469 more words


Forget your girly flowers, put your golden leaves on !

Growing up in every year more and more is making you wiser than before. You are seeing things that you haven’t seen before, cuz you just simply decided to buy a new shades of life… Not a pink one, but the ones with a crystal view. 266 more words