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Flicker of zen

I had one of those epiphanous moments last night while struggling with my inability to sleep and my insatiable hunger for all things pornographic and sexual and my grumpiness at Belle’s apparent disinterest in having sex with me even after all the very helpful hints I’ve been dropping lately. 743 more words

Life With Belle

Secret sauce

The other day, I went to my trainer session just as Belle was finishing hers. Our schedule is such that I’m always after her now. I helped scrape her off the floor and was being affectionate and stuff (I sometimes really like how the sweaty, post-workout Belle smells and tastes) and our trainer made some comment about “the secret” to our marriage. 1,128 more words

Life With Belle

Sunday Best

After reading “A Husband’s Essay”, I asked permission from my wife to write this. She definitely believes in unearned spankings. Obviously, I am punished whenever I break one of her rules, but she prefers to avoid the unpleasantness of my breaking a rule and requiring punishment. 688 more words

Disciplinary Wives Club

Her choice

I woke up this morning like I wake up nearly every morning; penis locked and straining against its chastity device. By the time I left the bed, I was still locked up, but in between Belle let me out for some fun. 887 more words

Life With Belle

By the numbers

The fourth Denying Thumper reader survey is over. Following are the results. Since I didn’t take my own survey, I’ll place asterisks next to my relevant responses. 3,904 more words

Life With Belle