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Just deserts.

I’ve heard it said on Twitter when discussing Liam that there are two sides to every story … These accounts, either eggheads or those with only a handful of followers, I believe to be Liam … The malicious and vindictive content, so characteristic of Liam when things are not going his way, leave me in no doubt that it is he defending his despicable behaviour by pretending (not for the first time) to be a supporter of himself. 437 more words

Malicious Mischief

In a world where computers are in just about everything, how well would you fare without one? That means, no PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. 151 more words


Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Or more important the concept and outcome of lying. Is there such a thing as a good lie? Can we claim we are protect others to explain our lies? 679 more words

Fake color changing app gives virus to Facebook users

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — If you come across an app claiming it can change the color of your Facebook profile page, don’t click on it. It’s a virus! 66 more words


Ooowww Hey [your name]? You in video and bad infamous!

If you get a message like this from a friend on facebook, DO NOT CLICK ON IT! It will lead you to a malicious page. 82 more words


Researchers have uncovered a fundamental USB security flaw with no fix in sight!

A pair of security researchers from SR Labs have uncovered a fundamental flaw in the way USB devices work. It affects every single USB device out there and worse yet, there’s no line of defense short of prohibiting USB stick sharing or filling your USB ports with superglue. 282 more words


Malicious intent

The previous post was a genuine and careful exposure of a story that involves public information and is of importance in the current lead up to the election. 149 more words