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Ducks Gone Wild!

When we entered Anderson Japanese Gardens today, the image above was what we saw. I know the ducks were feeding, but seeing their duck butts in the air, in unison, was very funny to me. 207 more words


Screaming birds and sleeping ducks.

The trail at Largo Central Park Nature Preserve has an osprey nest at the beginning of the boardwalk. You have to walk right underneath it to get out on the boardwalk but the platform was pretty high up. 356 more words

Bird Photography

The Mallard Duck.

The Mallard Duck.

The common duck…the Mallard. Seen on ponds and rivers throughout the country. As familiar as pigeons and therefore mostly ignored except by children who always seem to find them delightful. 71 more words


More fur and feather

In the short few days between taking these shots of our famous triplets – the top one was taken last evening -  you can see how fast they are developing their adolescent plumage from the fluffy down which recently adorned them. 281 more words

summer storm, Snug Harbor

one squall breaks   then more
on bushes   trees   footbridge   pond
mallards move on shore

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Just Ducky

After 4 days of high winds and rain, this morning was nice and sunny. It’s been great weather for ducks, if ducks indeed like miserable, rainy weather. 341 more words


Breathing Space - June 30/14

A ducky evening on the neighborhood lake… I enjoyed this unique view of the spot of blue on the female’s wing as she preened behind it.