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Adding Oak...

Update on the stopper issue:  After doing some reading, I learned that you want to make sure the stopper and the neck of the carboy are dry before inserting the stopper (not rocket science, right), but simply wiping the stopper off after sanitizing it isn’t enough.   232 more words



Crab: the power of waiting (and carrying time from one year to the next). When tasted, this energy is sour, when touched it is prickly, when contemplated it is not chosen, yet it retains the ability to accept frost and shed that masking sourness for the most intense fruitiness of all. 94 more words


Adding the SO2 during MLF

I needed to bring the SO2 levels from 10ppm to 25ppm.  From my calculations, this means I will add 0.10 g to the 1-gallon jug and 0.05 g to the 1/2 gallon jug. 72 more words


Malolactic Bacteria

Today, I added some malolactic bacteria to the 5-gallon carboy.  I used White Labs liquid version.  This beings the malolactic fermentation (MLF) process.  I learned after adding it that I would not be able to tell it was finished for sure without purchasing a chromatography kit.   169 more words