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The Start Of Spring Planting

Unless you’re a farmer, what we’re about to tell you may not make a lot of sense. Not at first.

We started working the fields where we’ll plant our Dare spring malting barley. 420 more words

Rogue Farms

Review: Founder's Dirty Bastard Scottish Ale

Founder’s make good stuff. I’ve enjoyed everything by them. All made with a bit of finesse. Dirty Bastard is no exception.

This ale pours copper red, has a quickly dissipating head, and is sweet on the nose. 72 more words


Beer: Are Colour and Flavour Related?

We’ve already discussed the fact that the color of a beer isn’t always an accurate indicator of its taste, but we can make some sweeping generalizations about what we’re drinking based on looks alone: pale beers like German and American pilsners will be crisp and clean; amber beers like doppelbocks and brown ales will be caramelly and sweet; and dark, near-black beers like Guinness and other stouts will be rich and roasty.

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A sink full of plates

A sink full of plates

I had been eyeing the pile in the kitchen for a number of days. But unfortunately by the time I get home I am too beat to do more than eye it again, take a drink from the fridge, and go lie down on my bed. 1,383 more words

Law of Attraction: Vanilla Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie CRISPS!!!!!

Who knew, that while making this cookie recipe I posted almost exactly one year ago right here on this very Blog, that a simple mistake could turn into cookie chip bliss?  525 more words


Beer - #484 - Moa - Blanc

Local beer, Not Local Music, numbers, and  self review.

Moa Blanc wheat beer is a blend of 50% wheat malt and 50% barley malt…

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