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Shield Patterns – Debut Album ‘Contour Lines’

Booze? A dark malt, no ice.

Review: The dark-pop tones of this album leave you in need of a warming up. Brentnall’s beautifully chilling voice teamed with the minimalistic electro vibes of this album transport you to the abstract world of Shield Patterns. 50 more words


Spirit Stones: A Collectable Cleavage Game

So in reading my cadre mates blog postings, I heard a lot of buzz about Spirit Stones. “It’s a great game!” they said. “It’s taking over my life!” they said. 1,145 more words

Day 4, Part 2: Entwined (Big Springs, NE to Kansas City, KS)

So, where was I? Oh, yes. After a long day on the road and a night of amazing lightening storms, we awoke on yet another pile of bricks masquerading as a bed. 814 more words

A Stranger In A Strange Land

The Health Benefits of Beer

I really think this chart speaks for itself. That is, if charts could speak. They can’t, of course.

But that doesn’t mean the information isn’t valid. 67 more words


The People Behind the Portal

So I remember now that when someone mentioned Portal being created by a company named Valve during Cadre Camp that it sparked a connection for me. 549 more words

Why I think I am loving Portal

I think I love playing Portal because of the quick feedback and clear reward of beating puzzles.

For ill or good, I love the feeling of clear success, of measurable results. 501 more words

Why Visit Duluth?!

Why Visit Duluth?  Winter or summer, the city has something for everyone….

Duluth’s visitor’s and convention bureau, Visit Duluth, is seeking photos for its 2015 Visitor Guide.   331 more words