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Achieving maltiness

Barley is civilization’s longest cultivated crop. It is a type of grass that humans have modified over thousands of years to suit their needs. Remarkably, it has a… 677 more words


Monaco: What's Yours Is Ours

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a game about greed. It is a game that glorifies stealing, burglary, and yes, even animal cruelty (who teaches a monkey to steal?!). 1,064 more words


Fig and Walnut Malt Loaf

N: There is something old school about buying a packet of flour and trying the recipe printed on the packet. It feels like a young bird who has just flown the nest and is very eager to try out every new worm that promises increased vim. 627 more words

So you want to be a gamer?

So I started playing some games this week.

Wow, I thought I would pick up some of this stuff really quickly since I used to be a bit of a gamer back in high school… 487 more words

Decapitator rules!

Day four has been wide open time to work on and finish our projects. The lego obstacle course has almost been conquered by the combined efforts of all 16 cadres and our 4 robots. 271 more words

Beeeeeer Caaaaaamp - Across Ameriiiicaaaaaa! Quad

A good pale ale is something of an anomaly these days.  Usually it’s too weak or the brewer should have called a spade, a spade and came clean that they produced a mediocre IPA. 127 more words


Up and running

The new kegerator is up and running, and converted from sanke to ball lock. Now.. just have to brew something to throw in there.