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A Brace Of Balvenie

I once heard a musician remark: “Jazz is smooth and cool. Jazz flows gently like water. Jazz isn’t over the top, but it isn’t messy either. 1,192 more words

Chocolate Malt Pie

I am aware that it’s supposed to be savory pie month, but sometimes you just have to make a sweet pie recipe, like when you’re going to a birthday party and are in charge of dessert. 360 more words

At The Table

Old Pulteneny 17yo

Old Pulteney is the northernmost distillery in mainland Scotland.  The distillery is situated the harbour town of Wick which means you can expect some maritime notes from this malt.   225 more words


Parti-gyle Brewing and Mash Calculator

Ever wonder if you’r mashtun can hold both the grains and the water together ?

Try this calculator to see how it will hold up. 112 more words


2015 Beer Prices May Rise Due to Loss of 2014 Barley Crop

You need barley to make beer, and 2015 may see a barley shortage.

2014 was a very wet year for some regions of the US and the barley growing regions of Idaho and Montana were no exception. 335 more words

Beer Ingredients

Imperial Stout Recipe

I’m planing my first Imperial Stout, and it’s inspired from a clone recipe of Yeti Stout, i’ll post the recipe below.

What about water profiles for an Imperial Stout? 244 more words


Where to find the BEST ice-cream?

I haven’t always had such a discerning palate for ice-cream, and indeed both my visits to Italy pre-dated my Thermomix and hence my ice-cream making days. 361 more words