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Symantec identifies sophisticated, stealthy 'Regin' malware

Symantec researchers have identified a particularly sophisticated piece of malware, called “Regin” that was likely developed by a nation state and has been used to spy on governments, infrastructure operators, businesses, researchers and individuals since at least 2008. 434 more words


The Zip Bomb

Earlier in 2000, a hacker found a creative way to crash computers. Extremely genius, if you think about it.

The ‘Zip Bomb’ is originally a file called 42.zip. 382 more words


The 12 scams of Christmas

What scams and schemes do you need to watch out for during the holiday season?

This year, cybercrime has evolved to new and more sophisticated levels — far beyond the days of phishing emails by “lawyers” who need to transfer millions of dollars to your account on behalf of a long-lost African uncle. 16 more words


Symantec Uncovers Sophisticated, Stealthy Computer Spying Tool

Computer security researchers at Symantec say they have discovered a sophisticated piece of malware circulating the world that appears to be used for spying at Internet service and telecommunications companies, and was likely created by a government agency. 847 more words


Kingston DataTraveler + Eset Antivirus = ?

Ah, the good old days, when all new USBs used to come with the perfectly suited portable version of some popular antivirus. What happened in the meantime? 190 more words