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Russian Cyber Mafia

Although, this post’s title may sound similar to the Swedish House Mafia, you can rest assured it has nothing to do with music. As a matter of fact, while someone’s fingers were playing the digital music of destruction, the other side was at the very edge of its tears and complete desperation. 170 more words

Spyware Remover – Protect Your Computer from Spyware

Spyware – this is one of the biggest threats to security and privacy in the internet today. Spyware intrude, break and enter our computers and pose a great threat especially with more malicious spywares. 531 more words


Visa Security Alert!

From Visa's Risk Management:
For: IT, Information Security, IT Support

Visa has recently noticed an increase in malicious remote access activity associated with unauthorized access to merchant point-of-sale environments and ultimately, payment card data.   209 more words


CryptoWall ransomware creators earned $3 million by holding 5 billion files as hostage

CryptoWall, a file-encrypting ransomware program is said to have infected over 600,000 PCs in the past six months and earned over $3 million to the creators by holding 5 billion files as hostage. 675 more words

The Heartbleed Can't Stop Bleeding

Does it really have to be this way? Once you get a visit of a serious cyber threat, you always have to be on alert. Why can we do it this way? 205 more words

Mickey's solution to viruses and malware that won't let you open the desktop

Ever run into a virus that won’t let you open the desktop or go into Safe Mode?  This solution will work on many of these viruses and not necessarily on all viruses or malware. 73 more words


I host Skype malware "Your Skype does not support extended icons .."

Disclaimer : If you aren’t Skype user then this post won’t be commendable from you, however if you think – this make sense then please go ahead read further! 294 more words

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