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Bug Bounty: Fool’s Gold?

What is the use of a bug bounty activity? Really. Is there such a thing as ethical hacking? Can you hunt bugs without an explicit approval and bug bounty announcement in the first place? 196 more words

My favorite Google Play malware for this week

So contrary to some FUD reports, Google Play stays relatively malware-free. Which makes long-running apps like this one especially puzzling.

Enter The Videos Mania, which is active for at least about a year, has been downloaded between 100k and half a million times, and has ~7000 likes on Google+. 130 more words

Why the security of USB is fundamentally broken and cannot be fixed

“Computer users pass around USB sticks like silicon business cards,” Andy Greenberg reports for Wired. “lthough we know they often carry malware infections, we depend on antivirus scans and the occasional reformatting to keep our thumbdrives from becoming the carrier for the next digital epidemic. 263 more words


Important Update Available!

Updates to computer software are an unfortunate fact of life. Windows updates, Adobe updates, iTunes updates… It never ends, and therein lies a problem. You might get so used to the endless stream of updates that when you visit a new website and the first thing you see is a message saying, “You need to update your media player” (or similar wording), you might just blindly click on that link (because… 396 more words


IT-Security-Links – Week 30/31

  • McAfee Labs reports that a new ransomware called CryptoWall uses Tor for communication and demands Bitcoin from the user in exchange for the private key to decrypt the files.
  • 236 more words

5 Reasons of Your Computer’s Slower Working

Our life is almost dependent on computer and other electronic devices now, so if something happens to these devices, it disturbs us very much both professionally and personally. 470 more words

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