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Kombinasi kejuruteraan sosial & anti-virus perlu untuk atasi Zeus

Ancaman Zeus

Malware Zeus yang mencuri data peribadi pada komputer dan peranti mudah alih sudah wujud sejak lima tahun dahulu dan sehingga kini tiada penyelesaian spesifik untuk mengatasinya. 52 more words

Packet Analysis

Enterprise Security- What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)?

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a set of stealthy and continuous computer attacks targeting a specific entity, usually organizations and or nations, for business or political motives, with the ultimate goal of becoming embedded in the target’s infrastructure.  625 more words

Enterprise Security

After Intimidating Humankind Around the World, the Ebola Virus is now Threatening the Cyber Arena

It is a well-known fact that hackers can be very creative, not only when writing malicious code, but also when bestowing a name on their creation or connecting it to some sensational subject. 428 more words

Cyber Intelligence

Digging deep into Angler Fileless Exploit delivery

We look in detail about Angler Exploit pack’s fileless infection. Thanks to friends at malware-traffic-analysis.net who provided captures of two different instances of Angler exploit pack delivery. 791 more words


Malware that hit Occupy Hong Kong has an iOS counterpart

The malicious spyware that circulated the Occupy Hong Kong movement disguised as a protest coordinating app appeared to only target Android phones. But a new discovery… 362 more words


Malware Removal Process - Tutorial

In this video I will be showing you guys how to remove malware infections from your computer the way I use to clean my client’s computer.   8 more words


Symantec and McAfee Announce New Security Products

Welcome to an era of computer security paranoia!

Tech news these days has been dominated by the threat of major computer security breaches and viruses (Heartbleed and Bash) and endless reports of major retail outlets not adequately protecting customers’ personal information (including credit card numbers). 771 more words

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