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Animal of the week- Bilby

It’s Easter Monday, and rather than do an animal of the week as a bunny (which isn’t as fun for me since I already know lots about bunnies) I thought I would look at the Bilby- since the Easter Bilby is an Australian alternative to the Easter bunny.

Wild Animals

Is It Safe To Come Out and Play?


Black bears cubs will be exiting their dens soon to explore a new world (about mid-April in Summit County, Colorado). Sows give birth in the January/February time frame while in their den during hibernation. 72 more words


Mammals didn't evolve from Reptiles

Whether this statement is true or not I guess depends how pedantic you want to be, but for me the line of mammalian evolution is another perfect example of the gradual nature of evolution and the problems of wanting to put everything into neatly defined boxes. 799 more words