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STDs in the animal kingdom

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) occur throughout the animal kingdom, from flatworms to mammals. There are over 200 STDs in 48 families, and over 100 STDs are found in mammals. 494 more words


Mule Deer Migration

Mule Deer in Wyoming migrate to higher elevations in the spring and summer and head to lower elevations for the winter months secondary to snowpack levels and forage availability.   412 more words


When too little becomes too low – what to do with reduced genetic diversity?

Besides lessening reproductive possibilities, habitat fragmentation also causes reduced genetic diversity. Fragmentation causes the formation of small localized populations with limited or no contact with each other. 1,424 more words


Beautifully Camouflaged Otter On The Isle Of Mull, Scotland, UK

You may have seen my last posting, An encounter with the magnificent White Tailed Eagle on Mull, but here is the real reason I went to Mull, to fulfil a childhood dream of seeing a wild Otter! 135 more words

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Hedgehogs and bonfires

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

No apology for posting this as so many bonfires planned for this weekend will need checking for Hedgehogs. 

Thank you

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British Animal Challenge: September and October update

It’s been a while since I wrote the last British Animal Challenge update – back in the long, hot days of August. Now the clocks are about to change, and there’s been a lot of rain, so spending time outdoors is less attractive. 95 more words


Australia aims to end extinction of native wildlife by 2020

Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt has pledged to end the extinction of native mammal species by 2020, with a focus on culprits such as feral cats. 135 more words

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