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RSPB Love Nature

After waking from hibernation, Hedgehogs are on a desperate hunt for food. Why not give them a helping hand? 60 more words


Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness

Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness*

Believing that non-human consciousness exists is like believing the Earth orbits the Sun.

The Cambridge Declaration summarizes and affirms non-human consciousness…

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Nature Conservation


Wordcloud I made all by my lonesome

Characteristics and a few examples of orders under the class Mammalia


Yesterday's Wildlife Wanderings

Working in an office all day during the week I really value any time I can spend outside. It’s why I mainly cycle to work. But sometimes it pays to slow down even further, and the 4 odd miles separating home and desk are easily walkable, and definitely desirable when the sun is shining. 171 more words


Fox Sexing...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m determined this year to work out the members of the local Duddingston fox pack. Obviously little things like nicks to ears and spots on snouts could help tell them apart, but if I’m going to do this properly and give them names then I need to determine the sex. 208 more words


Saving the Whale - for the next generation of museum visitors

In Part 2 of the tale of the Museum’s iconic Finback Whale, Nigel Larkin, natural history conservator (www.natural-history-conservation.com) writes:

It’s not every day that I get asked to consider taking on a specimen as big as a 70 foot-long articulated Finback Whale skeleton.

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Finback Whale, Balaenoptera physalus

In Part 1 of the tale of the Museum’s iconic Finback Whale, Dr Adrian Friday, retired Curator of Vertebrates, writes of his experiences installing this enormous skeleton above the Museum’s entrance: 1,029 more words