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In Search of the Elusive Canada Lynx

The iconic and oh-so-majestic Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) quickly conjures up the vast forest lands of Canada. In Eastern Canada, though, humans have greatly modified its habitat. 1,326 more words


EcoMinga’s Primates 2: The Demons of Candelaria

Fifteen years ago, as I was in the forest exploring Cerro Candelaria (now EcoMinga’s largest reserve at 2700 hectares) near Banos in Ecuador, I heard a familiar but always-impressive loud sound, like the roar of a lion on steroids. 709 more words


The lesser mouse-deer (Tragulus kanchil)

Lesser mouse-deer, Khao Yai National Park

The lesser mouse-deer or kanchil (Tragulus kanchil), also known as the lesser Malay chevrotain, is a species of even-toed ungulate in the Tragulidae family. 79 more words


The masked palm civet (Paguma larvata)

Masked palm civet, Khao Yai National Park

The masked palm civet or gem-faced civet (Paguma larvata) is a civet species native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. 54 more words


Long-eared Bat

This obviously ‘long-eared’ bat was taken into care by Min Stratford after a cat caught it, but unfortunately despite all efforts by Min it died a few hours later. 141 more words


The Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus)

Indian elephant, Khao Yai National Park

The Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) is one of three recognised subspecies of the Asian elephant and native to mainland Asia. 55 more words



Callosciurus, Khao Yai National Park

Callosciurus is a genus of squirrels collectively referred to as the “Beautiful squirrels”. They are found mainly in Southeast Asia, though a few species also occur in Nepal, northeastern India, Bangladesh and southern China. 48 more words