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Mammogram - NORMAL!!

OMG!! Talk about a sigh of relief!! I just had my second mammogram done on November 20th and got an email with the results – NORMAL!! 169 more words

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Blood Work and Mammograms and MRI's OH MY!!!!

“Time for your checkup, time for your checkup!” Ok so I’ve been watching way too much Doc McStuffins. Please forgive me. But seriously it’s that time of year when I am so lucky to not only get my semi annual blood work, but it’s also my annual mammo and Breast MRI time. 851 more words

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Contents May Burst...#Mammograms

I shoot her a hollow smile, but it goes down in flames, for she’s already smelled my reeking fear of the torture chamber. No smile will save me now; I’d already asked the mammographer to change equipment, because I wanted the 3D version. 355 more words


Turtle Adventures - Mammogram and Ultrasound - Too Easy !!

To me it makes no difference at all that Pinktober is over.  I still spend as much time as possible giving information and encouraging people to conduct monthly breast examinations and when they fall into the age group, family history or high risk category to follow their doctors instructions and get regular mammograms and ultrasounds.  1,067 more words

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Cancer Claims Another Sister

Cancer Claims Another

News media reported another celebrity has died from cancer. This is becoming a weekly occurrence. It’s certainly monthly. Although the exact cause was not listed, and all cancers are bad, the prevalence of breast cancer deaths seems to be increasing. 250 more words

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Mammograms: Are "Fancy" Ones Cost-Effective?

What You Need to Know: Mammograms are less accurate in women with dense breast tissue. About 10% of women have very dense breasts, while another 40% have some degree of breast density. 532 more words

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Did you Mammo?

This is not my usual blog — well, it IS about being middle aged, and it IS about the madness we encounter, and it IS… 157 more words