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mammograms in Ireland full interview

There was quite a lot of interest in Dr. Bridget O Brien’s interview on the dangers which may be associated with mammograms for NorthSide Today, Last Thursday. 57 more words


The Infinity of Boobs

On Monday, when I thought I would get this missive written and similarly posted, I had a major boob moment. Ultimately all that boobing around caused me to not write this post or pretty much anything else. 854 more words

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Mammograms: How safe are they

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On next Thursday’s NorthSide Today on Near FM starting at 11.00 —

In light of a recent report published in the British Medical Journal we talk to Dr. 39 more words

Science Sunday #11

Apologies in advance for the lack of posts and this very short Science Sunday post this week.  I’ve been insanely busy and stressed what with Passover beginning tomorrow and some bad news earlier in the week (see my… 167 more words


A Caregiver's Story... Mammograms

Mom wants to schedule a mammogram, (she has had them yearly since her breast cancer diagnosis six years ago.) and got frustrated when trying to contact No Nonsense and needed to leave a message. 83 more words


Here We Go Again: The Great Mammogram Debate

A comprehensive review of 50 year’s worth of international studies assessing the benefits and harms of mammography screening suggests that the benefits of the screening are often overestimated, while harms are underestimated. 710 more words

Breast Cancer

When to change the standard of care: Taking a second look at mammogram recommendations

To say that the issue of breast cancer has become pervasive in our day-to-day lives would probably be a gross understatement — in fact, the concept of breast cancer… 604 more words

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