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Pride Goeth Before (and After) a Fall

That’s an ice pack on my knee. That tramp tripped me.  Well, not really. 

Luna, my son’s 7 month old puppy (big-as-a-horse-dog) and I like to run a few miles each morning.  940 more words


Give It To Me Straight, Doc. How Long Do I Have?

“I need you to lift your breast and flop it on to the machine. Now relax while I squish the shit out of your boob and also, please stop breathing until you feel like passing out, while I take the picture. 777 more words

Life Can Be Serious Business.

When Did You Get Your First Mammogram? This is My Story...

In its October 2014 issue, Better Homes & Gardens magazine will run a feature in which seven people responded to the question “When did you get your first mammogram?” 1,389 more words

Breast Implants and Mammograms for cancer detection

You have now had your Breast Augmentation surgery in Phuket, you  have returned home from Thailand and now all the questions start !!

Many of the questions asked by friends and family on your return you will find trivial but there is one that you should know the answer to as Breast Cancer for Women is a very serious and real subject. 817 more words

Breast Surgery

What mammograms teach us about survival statistics

What mammograms teach us about survival statistics

A new kind of mammogram that takes 3D images of breast tissue can detect more cancers than traditional 2D technology, according to a… 1,104 more words

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Courage is...

Well, I had my biopsy this morning.  One of the “lumps” that was to be biopsied turned out to be a blood vessel.  Yay for that!   203 more words


Free Breast Screening Grant

Grant Means Free Screening & Support to Those Who Qualify

Georgia drivers who purchased Breast Cancer Awareness license plates are helping people in need get the breast screenings and support they need. 383 more words