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Man Candy Mondays: Jaejoong

After a hiatus, Man Candy Mondays is back. Let the thirst/spazzing commence.

Kim Jaejoong (aka Jaejoong, aka Hero Jaejoong, aka Jejung) is a South Korean singer, songwriter, model, actor and director. 318 more words


#30DaysOfHappiness Day Four

day four; cosmo

Whether it’s the hilarious life confessions, painfully awkward sex-fessions, great advice, compelling stories or sexy man candy, cosmo knows how to entertain me!


Stop in the name of the Law

Sometimes all you need in life is a girly day out and for a man to give in to the women in his life by wearingĀ  302 more words

El Bachelor: Week 8 & 9

Essss oh-kay that hometowns were boring because overnight dates were awesome!

By the end of the hometown dates it was pretty obvious it was down to Renee or Andi to get sent back home. 613 more words



Tonight marks a glorious night. My all time favorite prime time soap opera returns after what seems like LIFETIMES of repeats. If you are not watching Scandal on ABC you have not lived. 357 more words


El Bachelor: Week 7

Juan Pablo finding love? This episode was all about Clare vs. Nikki.

Round 1: Dates
Clare went on a group date, while Nikki got a one-on-one and Juan Pablo introduced her to his family, including Camila and even Camila’s mom. 402 more words