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Boy Candy Everyday Recap Part 10

I haven’t written anything in a while and I don’t have anything to write about at the moment so I give to you some pictures, they do say a thousand words after all, don’t they?


We rent a Jeep Cherokee and road trip to Wrigley to watch a ballgame from the rooftop seats. Jon has one too many Goose Island 312s and spends the afternoon trolling Cubs fans by asking everyone wearing glasses if he or she is actually Steve Bartman. 22 more words


#MCM: Man Crush Monday, Sam Reece

Oh man, Monday could not come quick enough this week!! When I stumbled on this dudes Instagram page…. I, well, I checked out each pic twice! 37 more words


Gif of the Day: #mcm

Why have one when you can have them all?


I scoffed and scoffed at my boyfriend for watching Suits. Overhearing various clips and watching the self-indulgent, overly-scripted interactions made me question the series popularity. How could so many people be so intrigued by such an unoriginal, corny setup: power hungry males in… 106 more words

Friday Feature

A Rocky Start to A Challenging Spring 2014 Semester: Emotional Pain, Loneliness, and How It All Started (part 1)

I should probably start from the beginning. I’ve mentioned this somewhere on my blog that I am a graduate student (Master’s level candidate) in Biological Sciences.   955 more words

Why a Girl-Crush is Just a Crush

As a woman of 23, who has never actually been in any type of relationship with another human being that could potentially lead to mono, an unplanned pregnancy, or STI’s of the mouth or nether regions, I find myself very much attracted to the male species. 987 more words

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