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Question for the Day II

Hello, guys. Meet Brian and CJ.

Who would you want to be your Bae? I’m talking about ‘for better or for worse’ here, people… :) (And no, you can’t have both)

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While #mcm is awfully popular and usually populated by the handsome men of Hollywood, as a male, it’s taken a new meaning for me. It’s actually been kind of a strange realization that I have a multitude of man-crushes and have only recently added a few famous ladies to the #wcw list. 636 more words


Man Crush : Chris Pine

I’ve had a crush on Chris Pine since Princess Diaries 2, with those piercing blue eyes, sexy voice and that scruff around his chin. Not only is style is so on point all the time, from casual to the red carpet, but the man carries himself with his own sort of swagger. 373 more words

I fell off the wagon!

Well I saw it coming.  It was clawing at me like a demon coming at me from below.  It brought about some guilt and substantial moods swings but I feel good. 170 more words

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Man Crush Saturday: Papa Omisore

Someone once mentioned Papa Omisore here on KD in a passing comment, and I returned with a reply that revealed the fact that I didn’t know who he is. 116 more words


Man Crush Tuesday: Brian J White and Corbin Bleu

So Mercury is another greedy ho, who if given the chance, can snatch two hot men from Hollywood off to the sunset to live happily ever after. 64 more words


Man Crush Munday- Patrick Dempsey

He has very sexy hair, a beautiful smile, and exquisite eyes.

Commonly known as Dr Derek Shepherd (AKA McDreamy!) on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey is one of my all time favourite men to look at, admire,and genuinely make me smile on a rainy day. 183 more words