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Umair Anwer

Hated by Plenty…Wanted by Many…Disliked by Some…Confronted by None… ♥♥♥

Thought by : Umair Anwer

Good Looking Man

We want to be gods

We believe that we are special,
the navel of the universe,
we are what all of this is about.

We are it.

We see ourselves as glorious, 72 more words


ang babay'ng way bilbil (a woman with flabs)

Adonis Durado

Ang babayng way bilbil kay morag baybay nga way kimba.
Morag sigay nga way bukobuko, tabugok nga way ata.
Sa bilbil mahibaw-an nganong bawron ang kadagatan, 198 more words

How to shoot a good portrait.

An yacht docked at the shore of a sea beach. It was dusk, the bright golden sun just went down leaving a strong trace of golden red hue melting in the sea and lingering in the clouds above.  269 more words


Jungle Wakudoki

Strange things happen when nature calls in the jungle.
Check it out at wakudoki.asia.


SPANISH YOUTH / Daily Painting #1354

Spanish Youth / Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 inches

People watching again. This time at the Feria de Abril in Seville, Spain. A young man, himself watching people, the afternoon light casting his face in shadow, making his profile stand out. 222 more words

(Un)Limited Palette