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SwoM - Quests & Li'l Cactus

Most of the quests are pretty to complete except the very weird spirit ones. Basically talk to every villager every time of the day. Since a majority of quests are covered in different guides, due to similar goals or related other mechanics here are the remainder. 352 more words


SwoM - Character Creation Guide

Tragedy is when SNAFU can be avoided with a single thingie called a “flaw.” Sword of Mana (SwoM) at its core is still Final Fantasy Adventure (FFA). 1,893 more words


Davis assures he's contesting Te Tai Tokerau

After claims and speculation that Labour were not trying to contest Te Tai Tokerau – see Cunliffe lying about electorate deals? – Kelvin Davis has emphatically assured he is still out to win the electorate off Hone Harawira. 349 more words


SwoM - Dudbears' Gold Quests

Dudbears’ Gold (DBG), like the Dudbears themselves, who are actually badgers, is useless. Actually it’s used to buy spirits at Ishe inn. Three per spirit; twenty-four for all eight. 951 more words


SwoM - Cyclopes

So throughout guides and boards Cyclopes are mentioned in the passing. What are they? Why are they important? Who cares? You ought to.



Where are Labour's billboards?

On Sunday, I drove from Gisborne to Katikati, through Opotiki, Te Puke and Tauranga. Yesterday afternoon/evening, I made the return journey. One thing I noticed is that National Party billboards popped up regularly, mixtures of individual candidates’ billboards (simply stating National and the candidate’s name) and the party billboards featuring John Key and the “Working for New Zealand” slogan. 99 more words


SwoM - Tiny Tapper

The Tiny Tapper is staple Mana series item that causes and cures the Mini status.

Getting It

The Tiny Tapper is a reward for “Detective Story” quest. 145 more words