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Jesus and My Workplace - Mark 12

What did I learn from Jesus that I can apply to my place of work?

1) Entrusted with the Business (v1-9)
Jesus told a story about someone building a vineyard and, after his hard work, went on a vacation, leaving his vineyard in the hands of his servants.   319 more words



When people ask me how I am, or how I’m doing. I don’t know how to respond. It is such a loaded question; no one expects you to say anything other than “good, how are you?” On the surface I am fine, I am okay, I go through the motions and I respond accordingly, and sometimes depending on the situation, I can even mutter the classic “I’m over it” ( 320 more words

Managing user roles as admin user

Managing user roles

To manage your site’s user roles as an admin user, go to People > Permissions, and then check the boxes to assign or select the permissions for each role. 524 more words


Managing Expectation

On one fine day my friend WhatsApp me about a cool place to hang out. She sent me a picture of the front door which is familiar to me “ah that place! 347 more words


Issues Arise out of not Managing Our Business.

Looking at my recent posts, I find I’ve had the opportunity to work and befriend some excellent people.  However, things are not as rosy as I write it.  282 more words


Relationship killer's: time management

Is he or she too busy?

There are certain things that take up our time, like work, social media, friends, family, hobbies and such. the e key is to find a balance between all to make time for those we care about. 234 more words

day 496 - trimming

hair grew so quickly recently, it really bugs me to find split ends. needed another trim to keep it looking fresh and easy to manage. wash and style but my hair is too soft and usually doesn’t keep its shape after the first wash

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