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Quality of Life Emerges Out of Our Decisions

Recently, an auditor evaluated the company I work for to approve us to perform work to their workmanship processes. During the close out session, the auditor made a comment the struck a chord.  486 more words


Leaders Without Vision Help No One

Leaders are responsible for casting a vision and coaching their team.  Learn what it takes to establish such a strong direction for your business. 522 more words


Managing Expectations Yields Opportunity

There are many organizations, especially in the aerospace industry, that struggle with perpetual reaction mode.  Unfortunately it starts with the contract award.  When we plan for being proactive including adequate margin, we are told by our customers our schedule or cost does not meet their expectations.  378 more words


Managing expectations

I read a lot of product reviews because I like to have a sense of what to expect if I decide to spend my hard earned money on a product or service. 705 more words

Activities for You and Your Child

The University of Missouri has put together an amazing list of activities that you can do with your child to maintain your relationship during rocky times! 752 more words


The showdown between problems and opportunities

How do you feel about change? Excited? Frightened? Neutral?   How do you feel about new opportunities? Ah, that changes things, doesn’t it? We like change as long as we get to be the change agent, but we might not be so fond of change when it’s imposed on us. 504 more words

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