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Slowing the Growth of Cancer

By: Michael Greger M.D., NutriutionFacts.org.

Every year, hundreds of the top cancer scientists from countries around the world converge to discuss the latest on diet and cancer. 874 more words

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Dear Cancer Patients: You’re Still You

“I don’t feel like myself.”

People undergoing cancer treatment say this a lot. Unfailingly, I find that the words are connected to much more than physical changes spotted in the mirror. 340 more words


Exercise & Breast Cancer

By: Michael Gregor, MD

We’ve known that physical activity can reduce breast cancer risk, and appears to work especially well at preventing estrogen-receptor negative tumors, the hardest ones to treat. 347 more words

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Breast Cancer Healing Stones and Crystals

By Dr. Christina Grant, Author of The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer,

Therapeutic stones and crystals form in the earth. Each carries its own vibration. 708 more words

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My trip along the Tarka Trail exceeded a few limits. It would’ve been easier to turn around at Instow but I didn’t because I inherited the never give up and always do your best genes. 542 more words