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The Expert Newbie

This has been a rather complicated post to write. I still feel there are some flaws and that may sound somehow clumsy.  Yet, here it is : I have a problem with expertise. 1,223 more words


Stocking Kamloops in MN

KBJR News recently reported on the raising and stocking of Kamloops strain Rainbow Trout in Minnesota waters of Lake Superior.  The focus of the report was on “sustaining a fishery” and the economic benefits of the Lake Superior fishery to Minnesota.  See the report here.


How to Present to a Small Audience

It’s easy to associate delivering presentations with standing in front of an audience and gesturing toward projected slides. However, many meetings or pitches involve fewer than ten participants in a room, where everyone remains seated and walks through the same slide deck together. 1,071 more words


Another OAU Shut Down Beckons... We may return home soon

Another OAU Shut Down Beckons: We may return home soon, Great Ife be warned
As we prepare for resumption, we must all know that it is not impossible for us to return home quick. 244 more words


The Most Productive People Know Who to Ignore

A coaching client of mine is managing partner at a very large law firm, and one of the issues we’ve been working on is how to cope more effectively with the intense demands on his time—clients who expect him to be available, firm partners and other employees who want him to address their concerns and resolve disputes, an inbox overflowing with messages from these same (and still other!) people, and an endless to-do list. 1,165 more words


>> Cut-N-Paste News: Toxic leaders create toxic teams...

I’ve been on a few toxic teams before, so I can attest to the validity of this research.

According to researchers, “The toxic effect of nonphysical abuse by a supervisor is much broader than believed.” 49 more words