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Why finding the right boss is more important than finding the right job

There are many who suggest that when accepting a job offer you are in fact accepting your boss first and then the role being offered second and that based on this fact when considering a job offer one should give more consideration to your fit with the boss as opposed to your fit with the job and after my own particularly harrowing experience with someone who can only be described as a “bad boss” I am inclined to agree. 1,156 more words


Welcome to Simple Strategies & Management

After 18 years of dealing with the complexities of devising effective Strategies & Management every day, I have decided to launch this blog because I want to share the thoughts, trends and ideas that catch my curiosity and will also be of interest you.   380 more words


Throwback Thursday: Four Mobile Moments That Changed The World Deena Muno

For any of us that use a mobile phone or tablet (all of us), it is true that we stand on the shoulders of giants. Much of present-day technology is an elaboration and expansion upon the incredible inventions of the past. 595 more words


Before the “After” – Under Your Control

A recent article by Pratik Dholakiya entitled Don’t Fail When Your Business Fails: Tips for Bouncing Back recently crossed my desk.  Published in Fast Company online, it was a solid article about coming back “after” business failure. 267 more words

Reminder: Recreational Pacific Halibut Season Closed in August

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) wants to remind anglers that recreational fishing for Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) is closed for the month of August. 106 more words


3 Signs You Have a Great Leader

We all need to stop and ask ourselves every now and then; Who am I following? is it worth following them? how do they treat me, and/or other people? 616 more words