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Mumbai Based Mobile Social Networking App YoTurf Close To Securing Investment From Exhilway Global Prasant Naidu

Techcircle reports that US and India-based private investment group Exhilway Global is close to investing in Mumbai-based Crackheads, the company behind the mobile social networking app… 330 more words


About Her Fears

This morning I woke up from a dream short of breath, my heart racing, and tears in my eyes. It’s a distressing way to wake up, but it happens more often than not for me.  684 more words

Personal Development

Leaders in a trance

What we have lost in this nation over the last few decades is the ability to reach agreements on important matters. John Gardner deals with this in his book… 325 more words

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5 Things Digital CMOs Do Better

If you’re a mid- or late-career marketer, chances are your job today is mostly unrecognizable from what you signed on for. Perhaps no other business function has changed as dramatically over the past decade. 1,386 more words


America's most corrupt state defends itself

The entire world must contend with corruption. It costs honest citizens thousands of dollars per year and saps trust in public and private institutions.

We’ve all experienced corruption on at least a small scale at some point in our lives, but actually measuring it is difficult. 699 more words


Why It’s Fair to Save a Parking Spot – For a Price

Tech start-up Haystack has developed an innovative – and controversial — solution to the stressful challenge of finding an open parking meter in congested areas. This smartphone app allows those leaving a parking space to alert other Haystack users in the area of their “about-to-be” open spot. 674 more words


Defining Successful Leadership is Really Simple

Geoff Smart is an internationally-renowned expert in team building. He has worked with dozens of top companies, including General Electric, to re-calibrate their team building expertise. 765 more words